Moral socialization has an interesting caveat to that provides group-thinking to play a significant role in shaping an individual’s sense of integrity and moral attributes. The moral environment inherently plays a significant role in our actions as we grow from supervised children to independent adults. Personal behavior and moral socialization is intertwined as an individual becomes acclimated to his/her environments and correlating actions commence in line with one’s moral socialization process. Yet, the tendency to moralize one another’s behavior can be disadvantageous to shared identification purposes (Chris M. Bell 2008)

The capacity for personal humanity to be shaped by wisdom traditions and moral capabilities to be emboldened by societal influences such as religion, ethnicity, geographical factors and other variable factors is undeniable. The differentiating societies such as traditional societies, which may delve into a communal pattern can prove to contest in societies where the autonomy of an independent person supersedes the communal thought process. My personal upbringing within an immigrant family taught the importance of communal thought and I believe my family upbringing was my first true experience with moral socialization.


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