Web Development in 2 Steps


How many of you thought about developing a website either for a project you are working on or a cause that matters to you? I have to say I personally thought about it often, yet each time gotten overwhelmed by the thought of it. In my mind, I assumed I need to spend substantial amount of money and time, and even hire a specialist to develop a website.

Let me tell you that is not the case.

You can easily create an elite interactive website all on your own without spending a penny. All it requires is some time and an email address.

Here are the steps:

content design buttons1) Decide on the content. Pick a topic that interest you and you wish to further engage your specific audiences. It can be a page to market your organization, educate the population, or any specific topic of your choice. For example, I am in the process of creating a webpage called Shift your protein.

This page is to educate the public in regard to their protein intake needs and its sources. Why this matters to me you ask? As a nutritionist I see how confused general public is about their protein needs and how product such as protein supplement has influenced public knowledge through marketing.

2) Chose a platform. There are many website builders’ website and tools out there, so I would recommend spending a day or two exploring different platforms to see which is best for you and fits your need. The right platform can make a huge difference in engaging audiences and get good traffic.

designing%20training%20in%20chandigarh[1]Here is the link to top 10 web builder:


In addition, check out these other platforms:





As you can see, web development is not only made simple without having to know anything about coding, is also fun creative project. Make sure to continue to add on it. You don’t need to create your webpage in a day, so spend some time each day and engage others to give you feedback or contribute to the content.

I can guarantee you in a week or two you will have yourself an awesome website.


2 thoughts on “Web Development in 2 Steps

  1. Hi Sarah,

    A very nice mix of pictures and resources. Thanks for posting the “Top 10 Web Builder” link. I am sure many of us will benefit from that, especially for those, like me, who do not really have much experience in building websites.

    I completely agree with your button picture, featuring “Content” and “Design.” This concept applies to everything we do… Meaningful contents are, of course, the most important when it comes to creating something. The way how we express our contents is critical for the world to get to know what exactly we are trying to accomplish, which depends on how we design our steps to publicize our messages. Our contents might be meaningful, but without a strategic way of designing our contents may not be fully appreciated by our target audience.

    The suggestion I have is to introduce more examples like you mentioned your webpage on protein, which will provide more support to your post.


  2. Hi Sarah,
    I think it was great that you touched on the point of how easy it is nowadays to create a website. I had been under the impression that creating website required much more work and that I even had to hire someone to do this. The link of the top 10 web site builders is a good source to reference to decide on the best platform to use. I would suggest that you provide links on resources to assist on what content to publish but also on how to present the content. It would be important to have a clear understanding of your target market so that from there you can decide how to arrange and publish the content. If you want to create a website for educational purposes you want to think about your audience reading level, health literacy level and the best method to reach them. Another website building tip would be to provide access to other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter so that information on the website can be easily shared with others and reach more groups.

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