Mark’s Top 5 + 5 … Get Ready !



Lots of stuff out there … so how do you separate the signal from the noise … here’s a list that won’t lead you astray, and oh yeah, there virtually FREE :

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 10.45.57 PM

  1. Sencha Touch 2 – It’s hard to beat from a resource standpoint.  Great instruction and easy to implement HTML 5.

  2.  Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 10.47.24 PM

    Foundation 3 – Response in design and easily adaptable and SAS integrated.

  3. Brackets – No more duplicative coding — Brackets has CSS down to a science. Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 10.49.21 PM

  4. Yeoman – Very customizable and it’s a Google project

  5. Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 10.50.23 PM

    Emmet – Otherwise known as ‘Zen Coding’, this makes CSS easy.


It’s no surprise that mobile is the future, so where do you start … well, here are 5 places that should get you up and running in no time with relative ease and at low cost:

  1. GameSalad
  2. App Machine
  3. Appy Pie
  4. Good Barber
  5. Mobile Rodie

I hope these provide some assistance for folks looking for some quick and easy ways to stand up a fairly sophisticated website in short order.  I have to say that I found it surprisingly easy to do … long gone are the days of dreamweaver and having to learn to code, html or CSS ( Cascading Style Sheets).  While coding is helpful, I think we’ve all seen that with the help of sites like Wix, no coding is required and you can get your message across with relative ease.


2 thoughts on “Mark’s Top 5 + 5 … Get Ready !

  1. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for sharing a short and succinct post that gets right to the point in just a few paragraphs! And the logos and images that you’ve included help to keep the reader engaged. I got the sense quickly after starting to read your blog that you have quite a bit of knowledge of HTML coding, something I’m not familiar with at all! However, I see that you’ve introduced website development tools that do not require knowledge of HTML or coding in general because it takes you through the process step-by-step. Am I correct in thinking that you have more control over your website design when you code with HTML?

    It seems like a lot of these websites include a tutorial to learn about coding. For example, I noticed that Yeoman offers a 1-hour codelab which seems to be quite useful. If you had to make a recommendation to a nonprofit organization to use one of the web development tools that is quickest and easiest to use (since cost isn’t an issue), which of the 5 that you introduced in your post would you recommend? And do you know if it’s common for nonprofit/public health organizations to use any of these tools? It would be interesting to see an example of a website produced by each of these companies, aside from their own company websites (all of which are really nicely designed!)

  2. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for shining the light on these resources. As someone who is not familiar with coding at all, I found this very useful. I like how you include short descriptions of the web development tools. It made choosing which tool to use easier. From looking at the tools, it seems that some are more affordable than others. For instance, Sencha is at least a couple of thousand of dollars, where as Foundation 3 is more affordable. What would be the main advantage of paying more money for a certain development tool. Given that cost is an important factor in practically every project, it would be interesting to compare these tools price wise, and decide which one gives you the biggest bank for your buck. Also, a small suggestion, it would be great if the mobile web platform names were also links, like you did with web development, so that readers can click on them to learn more.

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