Catch Users With Your Web

If you are like me, you have no experience with web design. On top of all the other things I am trying to organize in my life, the last thing I want to think about is how to create a web page. However, the world is now lived on the web, and having a reliable website that your followers enjoy and feel comfortable turning to can be hugely beneficial. So after sifting through the the 41 Best Nonprofit Websites, I learned some value attributes a website can have.







Make the website user friendly. My favorite website was Every Last Drop. It had barely any text. There was no word clutter. The message was powerful but portrayed simply by having the user navigate through the life a person as they sift through ways to conserve water. You can get your message across without clutter by creating clean, aesthetically pleasing lines and images.






Place yourself in the user’s shoes. James Williamson explains in his Web Design Fundamentals online videos how you have to place yourself as the user and how their knowledge and experience effects the way they use your website. This is a crucial attribute because it allows you to connect deeper to your audience as well as attract a wide range of users.






“Your content needs to flow like water” James Williamson elegantly explains the importance of content in his online videos. Understanding and devoting energy to making your website interface easy and manageable on ALL devices is a huge asset. This will help keep user’s attention and thus help your message sink deeper.


One thought on “Catch Users With Your Web

  1. I really like how you limit the text use in your blog. Wordy posts can be a chore to get through, but yours was very succinct and you link to websites and use photos very well. Your other posts have been very good at linking your post to the week’s readings. I would have liked to see more ties to the week’s readings directly; however, I believe you utilize the theory in said readings very well. I agree that Every Last Drop was a great website. Looking forward to viewing your website.

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