Build your basic website in 2 hours or less

This week I learned how to build a website.  No I did not take a class, I am not tech savvy (other than than Facebook and twitter maybe).  How did I do it?  Well I spent 30 minutes going through several options
  1. Wix  (The one I chose)   see the website I created in less than 1 hour with 2 functional pages   here 
  2. Square Space
  3. Google Sites
  4. Weebly
  5. WordPress

When deciding between the above 5 option (more out there) I looked for templates that were a good fit, and ease to sign up.  These all offer free websites and they all have basic templates to chose from.  I found that Wix and SquareSpace had many templates to chose from and it was easy to scroll through them before signing up.  Several of the others required sign-up before getting to see the functionality.

As far as Wix goes there were many layers within the template, so you could add multi-media aspects.  It was also easy to follow the paths and create the buttons.  Colors were easy to change and pictures were easy to upload.  There were many options to adjust and create something specific to the needs of the organization or cause.  It was also easy to add social media sights, a donate now button, and a sign up for a newsletter option.  All of these are vital to the media campaign of any organization.  For a Public Health campaign these are useful for heath updates or reaching out about specific health goals or needs, also connecting people to your social media such as Facebook and Twitter through the website is another avenue for them to follow your organization.  For Public Health organizations on a budget this is a great free place to start.

Take a look through the sights above there is something to fit the need and look of any organization, even a novice can create a stunning website that will get you up and running toward your public health outreach goals!

Social media network. Hand painted in people faces showing OK sign


3 thoughts on “Build your basic website in 2 hours or less

  1. Ashley, the links are great to have in one place. I think Wix is probably the best of this group as well (I wouldn’t have said that a year or so ago but they’ve really improved). It might be nice to review some of the other sites too, maybe a brief comparison of what makes one more appropriate for a particular campaign than another.

  2. Very helpful to have all these links here, thanks! I also liked that you listed the important things one might want to add to a website. I didn’t think of this at the time, but I did a little digging right now into the premium options on Wix and also into purchasing a domain name, all of which would probably be a good idea for an actual organization. The prices on Wix are actually cheap, but are also 50% off right now. Perhaps for an organization that has very limited funds, they could use a free website and then make heavy use of social media sites, which are free as well.

    • Renn, that is good info, I didn’t look into pricing at all but this is a good point for an organization that may want to pay for upgrades, so knowing this before you create a free website is vital so you don’t have to recreate through a different program.

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