6 steps to a great social media campaign

Getting started

I made this using Canva. It kind of became a study tool as I prepare for the final, distilling the readings of Shirky and Mansfield.


5 thoughts on “6 steps to a great social media campaign

  1. Hey Kristina, this is great! I just tried Canva and it’s so easy to use! I like what you did here, it’s simple to follow, very colorful, very informative and fun to read! Thanks for sharing your design tool for this post! 🙂

  2. Nice synthesis here–I think you have successfully boiled down the key elements of success from each social media tool that we examined in this class. I suspect the hardest things to do from this list are IDing the message and making a plan. While IDing the message may seem easy, I found in each assignment and new tool that I used in this course, that I wanted to jump right in and get going, as opposed to figure out exactly what I wanted to do with that tool. It would have been nice to highlight some of the benefits and drawbacks of the various ones. It is also a reality check for us to make sure our work is relevant and purposeful. Making a plan also seems like a difficult task, but its importance I think suggests the necessity of having a social media manager, even in a small organization, that is aware of the frequency and type of social media interactions that are wanted.

    Also, the design of the infographic is super! I like the bright, bold colors, the flow of text and the overall sequential format. I have never used Canvas but am a recent converted to infographics based on our team discussion a few weeks back, so I will certainly check it out.

    Thanks for all your insights and hard work this semester, and for making our team awesome!! 🙂

    • Thank you Maia! I agree, I think that the class overall got me very jazzed about all the tools and tricks of messaging, but the most important question is the WHAT… which requires much more thought and, as you said, purpose.

  3. I love the short little summary you put together of the last 6 weeks. The image is easy to follow, easy to read, with simple fonts and clear blocks of color to separate out the different parts.

    And I echo Patricia — Canva is AMAZING. I instantly got an account, and I really like their Beginner’s Challenge to get you quickly familiar with the website.

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