Video Interview and Personal Journey Video

In learning how to shoot a video and other video techniques here are two videos that I recently created. One is a video interview with the Director of Population Health Management. The other video shows how there are influences for health at so many levels.

Any comments/feedback are appreciated.


3 thoughts on “Video Interview and Personal Journey Video

  1. Hi Nallely, great videos! The Health Literacy video was very informative and lots of great tips were given. One thing i would suggest for this video is to have placed the ipad or camera on something steady so there would not be lots of movement. Other than that i enjoyed it.
    I loved your environmental video! Natomas is a great community and I totally agree with you when you said that “food tastes better with homemade salsa”, especially if the chiles are from your back yard! 🙂

  2. Maria, loved your community video. It definitely captured the essence and the beauty of the community. i liked how the music soften and you could hear the ducks and the water at a few shots. I liked all the pictures and aspects of the community that you included such as farmers market, and its bike friendliness. One thing I would recommend, would be to add more videos, and when it transitioned to it, keep the music at the same volume, unless you would like to include the background noises. Overall, what an awesome closing statement, and this video just made it even more clear how much I enjoy Sacramento. well done! 🙂

  3. Great videos!

    For your environmental video, the shots of the trees were beautiful. I do agree with Sarah, I think that more live action shots would make the video more engaging.

    For your interview, I liked her tips for utilizing LinkedIn and Facebook. The video was a little shaky and she was in the center bottom of the frame at times. I think that shots of the Facebook group she mentioned while she is talking would make a viewer having a better grasp of what she is describing.

    Well done!

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