Building your health website


Before starting to build your health website you need to think about three things:

  1. Choose website building platform: Think about what the best building platform will be. Think about who your audience will be and how you will handle your online content.
  2. Choose website address: Think about a domain name (web address) and web hosting (what service will connect your site to the internet) for your website
  3. Set up and customize your website

Once you’ve got these three steps down, you want to think about your website content. What do you want people to learn or get out of your website? What information will they find on your website? Can they trust it? Here are five features that may be important to include in your health website:

  1. News and Experts – List the top 10 health news that are trending for that week, month or season. The top 10 health videos. Interview videos with experts. Health articles. Expert Q&A. FDA approvals/non-approvalsHealth news
  2. Drugs and supplements– A place for people to find the latest drug news. Information about drugs and medication, where to find a drug, a vitamin, or a pharmacy and how to identify a pill. It also may be important for people to know what the common drugs are and what they are used for. What the top drugs are, their side effects and what other people are saying about particular drugs.Drugs and supplements
  3. Family and pregnancy – A guide to raising a family. No one is born an expert about parenting and raising children or a child’s development. It would be important to list a pregnancy checklist, your child’s milestones and even maybe the top 5 mistakes most parents make when disciplining their child. It may also be helpful to list signs of common cancers for women, when to go to your doctor if you think your child may have ADHD (what are the symptoms/signs) and why a women’s yearly checkup is important. You may even want to throw in there foods to never feed your dog! family and pregnancy
  4. Healthy living/eating – Discover new ways to find your best self! Provide a tool to calculate BMI (Body Mass Index), belly fat and calorie count. Looking for skin, makeup, hair or nail tips… provide them here! It may be helpful to also provide things that are killing your concentration and reasons why someone is having a difficult time concentrating. Tools and quizzes may be helpful, you can provide tools and quizzes about tracking your food and fitness, hair color tips and tricks, hangover myths and secrets men/women wish you knew!  healthy living
  5. Yoga – save the best for last, Yoga! On a personal note, I think everyone should practice yoga. You don’t have to super flexible and bend yourself into a pretzel, it’s more about building strength and balance and it’s a great way to ease stress. Anyone can do yoga regardless of your shape, size and ability. After practicing yoga you may feel at home in your own skin and find inner



4 thoughts on “Building your health website

  1. Hi Patricia – nice job creating a meta-post about the creation of a website! I think you’ve done a great job incorporating the advice around using images, personal stories and lists to draw in your readers. I wonder if you could have teased out why health websites are different, because they are so personal and sometimes intimate. Nice job in the course, and it was great to be on your team 🙂

    • Thanks Kristina. I really appreciated all your feedback during this course, I feel like I’ve learned so much with every post. I took your feedback into consideration and tried to better each post each week 🙂
      It was great to have you as a team member as well 🙂

  2. Interesting post Patricia! I like your format and excellent use of images (I see you got the hang of embedding them throughout the text!). I don’t typically think of health websites as one-stop shopping for all your health concerns, so I was interested in your idea for a site. I would certainly love to find a reliable site that addressed all of these aspects with meaningful content. Thanks for this, and for helping to make a great time this course!

  3. Hi Patricia, nice post! I really like your layout — bold, numbered sections, with picture illustrating your examples. I also like the variety of suggestions to provide for someone starting a health website, although I wonder if the blog topic might be a little too broad. Unless you’re an organization like Kaiser, I don’t think there are many small organizations that can branch out and provide all types of information. I feel like when someone is starting up a health website, they’re starting it with a clear goal in mind — with something specific to share. I could be wrong though! Just a thought :] Nice work!

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