3 Quick Tips to Better SEO

Please click the link to check out my infographic!


For those that aren’t familiar SEO or Search Engine Optimization it is probably one of the most important items to get traffic to your website. You may have the most beautifully crafted, wonderful website but if you aren’t smart about how you tag it and describe it you won’t get anybody clicking your link. It’s very important to know what kind of traffic you want to get and how the people you want to attract think and speak.

I made an infographic of the top easiest and most helpful things I found when researching how to get your website to the top of search engine results and here are the take away points:

  1. Use key words properly
  2. Update content regularly
  3. Make sure your title tag and meta description are clear

These are simple things that don’t require an advanced degree in computer science or graphic design. They just require a little bit of critical thinking and effort. If anybody has any other ways to improve SEO that they feel are just as important please leave me a note in the comments below.







2 thoughts on “3 Quick Tips to Better SEO

  1. Hi Bryanna, Great post. I really loved the information you have on SEO, but was also wondering how you made your info graphic. After reading your post, I will be honest the first thing I thought was: I really hope that Bryanna can teach me how to make an infographic this good!!! Your colors were bold, and your points were succinct. It was easy to understand, simple and fast to read and I really enjoyed the way you presented your information. Maybe you can do a next post on how to do great posts!

  2. Hey Bryanna

    I just love it! Beautiful colors, short and sweet! My only comment is when I tried to tweet it then it comes up the venngage logo; so I had to write myself the tittle of your infographic. Thank you!

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