What Snapchat showed me about health in 30 seconds

 A daily routine of mine is to log onto my Snapchat and watch all my friends’ “stories.” (For those new to Snapchat, “Stories” is the video equivalent of Facebook’s “newsfeed.”) However, I tried something new the other weekend  and pressed the New York “story” to see what other people in my neighborhood were up to. Surprisingly, New Yorkers find a lot of healthy activities to do outside, even in the concrete jungle. Here’s some screenshots of what I saw in about 30 seconds of Snaps…

There was a marathon taking place that I never heard about before:

  People were (trying to) do yoga in the park nearby:


Free Zumba classes were being held:

   Amateur gymnastics competitions were being held:


Rockefeller plaza was closed off for swing dancing:


4th avenue was filled with bikers and skateboarders: 
Turns out New Yorkers love the outdoors and find very creative ways to spend time outside in a city with very little open space. Amazingly, Snapchat (notorious for vapid, meaningless photo messages) was the medium that showed me some new activities that appeal to the local population that I otherwise wouldn’t have thought of. If I gleaned this information with just 30 seconds of time, I imagine Snapchat could be a great tool for anyone interested in learning more about the habits and activities of a local population. 


2 thoughts on “What Snapchat showed me about health in 30 seconds

  1. Thanks for sharing interesting compilation of Snapchat New York stories. I am hearing that latest Snapchat update (a few days ago) increases use of emojis 🙂 You’ll now be able to insert as many emoji as you’d like in each snap, anywhere you’d like. I understand that previously, emoji placement was restricted to a single line of text. More humor and positive emojis!
    On another note, I can see how Snapchat can be applied for broadcasting/live streaming of an event, public health fair, fundraising gathering, sharing with friends and advertising.

  2. This is awesome. I never thought snapchat could be used in such a creative way for public health utility. The way you describe it , it looks like snap chat can be used to gain inspiration for being healthier, including new ways to engage in diet and exercise. If others, like you, are using snapchat on a regular basis anyway this could be a great function to use it in a more actionable way than just social connection. Thanks for the idea, I might have to download snapchat now 🙂

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