QR Codes: How they can promote health


QR codes are on everything these days and marketers are using them widely to provide consumers with more information right on thier smart phone.

How Does it Work?  People need to have a QR scanner on their mobile device but then they are able to scan the code  using their camera.

  • Once they scan they are taken to the website linked to that code.
  • It is a great way to get people to more information without then having to type in a website or search for you.
  • You create your own QR code via several free websites
  • You then download a PDF and can add to websites, posters, mail-outs or other marketing materials

The thing I like the best is you can go in and change the website that your QR code is linked to, meaning that your do not have to change or send out new marketing material, you can direct the code to go to any information that is relevant to your organization.

It is a simple way to get people to be more interactive with less work on their part to get your message out.

Black smartphone with QR code app on white background. EPS 8 vector cleanly built with no open shapes or strokes. Grouped and ordered in layers for easy editing.


3 thoughts on “QR Codes: How they can promote health

  1. Ashley, this is a great idea. QR codes are so misunderstood and yet have great potential with mobile devices not just for links but for spreading information since a phone can also *generate* a QR code for another device. This definitely provides a good introduction and has some good links. I had a couple questions, though: the QR code in your blog actually works, but goes to the Pagosa Duathon — maybe generate a QR code to an extant health resource, or this blog? Also, how about links to some of the mobile apps, or some examples of public health campaigns that used them? Aside from that, though, I love the concept. QR codes are underappreciated and so convenient for exposure because they’re visually distinctive and can be put anywhere.

    • Yes, it does go through to one of my special events for my organization. We are able to change this for different races which is how I figured it out. This was an event for a Domestic Violence organization so it does have a public health link, but not obvious. This is a fundraiser for us. We used it for our outreach for the event, and got quite a few click throughs with it.

  2. Ashley, it was so helpful to learn that you can change the program the code is linked to, so that you only really need one code that users access. I was not aware of that, and I feel it makes them more usable. I also think this is a good idea- it would be so easy for consumers to scan the code and get information instead of needing to make the effort to look something up themselves (which may be a barrier to some accessing the information). Also they are helpful because you can put them in print mail, and they are easier to use than printed web links or phone numbers. It would be useful thing to have to link multiple pieces of a program or campaign.

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