Popular Apps in Singapore

iphone-apps-billion-tbi The island of Singapore is famous for its ban on chewing gum. Lesser known to many of us, this year, the government passed a new law making it illegal for drivers to text or call using hand-held devices on moving vehicles.  If caught, drivers are punishable up to a 6 month sentence and/or $750 fine for first time offenders and double that for repeat offenders.  The driver, however, is allowed to use the device on red lights, while the vehicle is not moving.  This is to reduce the number of road accidents.

In spite of this setback, mobile communication has been very useful in improving the health and standard of living in this island. Mobile communication has 100 percent penetration in Singapore, making it a very important form of mass media for all Singaporeans. The numerous useful apps on smartphones can improve the quality of life in Singapore.  Some of the popular apps in Singapore such as GrabTaxi and AXS play very important roles in making life a bit easier. App like RedCross connection has important roles in Singapore public health scene.


1. Owning a car in Singapore is very expensive. A brand new economic car, on average, can cost around US$100,000.     Thus, public transportation is a very popular choice.  Alternatively, the cost of riding a cab is actually and surprisingly very affordable in comparison to US or European countries.  With US$30, a passenger can take a taxi from one end of the island to the other end. One setback to the use of taxis is during rush hours when it is very difficult to obtain a taxi.  With the use of GrabTaxi app, a potential passenger can resolve that problem.  With an additional US$2.30, GrabTaxi will locate and call the taxi to come to the passenger usually in less than 10 min.

AXS-mStation-screenshots 2. Second, the AXS app is unique to Singapore.  Using this app, Singaporeans can pay all sorts of bills, such as utility bills, credit cards bills, telephone bills or fines.  One can even use this app to purchase movie tickets.  With this app, there is no reason for Singaporean to pay late for their utility bills.  Paying bills become such an a easy task. redcrossapp 3. The Red Cross connection App can help connect potential donors to Red Cross when blood supplies are low.  Blood donation is essential in saving lives.  One problem Singapore Red Cross faces is having difficulty in reaching potential donors when supplies are low and needed the most. With Red Cross Connection, potential donors will receive alerts when blood is needed, and can make a big difference by simply choosing to share. It aims to increase donors as one can even share the broadcasted message for certain blood types to his/her own social media account, even if he/she is not of that blood type.

With the use of these apps, mobile communication has become a very important vehicle to improve the standard of living and health in Singapore.

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One thought on “Popular Apps in Singapore

  1. Wow, it seems that Singapore is the city of future! Really impressed with the diverse apps and their use to make the life of Singaporeans much easier. I am wondering what about your communication with the public offices/services? Is this also through apps? Thank you for this great post!

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