Mobile Communications for Health: 3 Things to Know about Smartphones and Diabetes Management

Technology. Smartphones. Diabetes. Technology and diabetes do not seem to come together, but as technology speedily improving and smartphones slowly becoming an irreplaceable item in our everyday life people now expect to obtain information at their fingertips. There is no difference when it comes to diabetes and diabetes management. More and more people – greater than fifty percent of individuals – now own smartphones to improve the quality of their life, which fits right into disease management.

#1 Many organizations now design mobile sites to fit the screens of smartphones. For example, American Diabetes Association launched its new mobile website in 2011 to assist people more effectively obtain news and information about diabetes. The mobile site can be accessed directly at via a smartphone.

There are many functions on the mobile site. For those who are interested in type 2 diabetes prevention, they can try the Diabetes Risk Test. For those who are interested in signing up for a local Step Out (diabetes walk) or Tour de Cure (bicycle tournament), they can do so by clicking a button or swiping the touchscreen.


#2 In addition to mobile sites, mobile applications are also invented to help diabetes self-management. Applications make a positive impact on patients’ diabetes management effort by encouraging physical activities, logging diet, keeping track of insulin dosage, supporting adherence of oral medications, and recording blood glucose testing. As a result, application usage does change patients’ behavioral patterns towards diabetes self-management.

#3 Applications have become increasingly popular. Applications can be free or come with a small charge. A study has shown that paid applications were more likely to include features allowing patients with low health literacy to fully experience the applications and obtain the appropriate information.


One thought on “Mobile Communications for Health: 3 Things to Know about Smartphones and Diabetes Management

  1. Hi Clipper,
    You address really good information for diabetes management. In an recent presentation about insulin pumps I learned about phone apps that are connected to insulin pumps. This app can alert a parent if their kid is having hypoglycemia or if it needs insulin adjustments. Here is a link I found that has information about diabetes management apps
    These apps can tracks carbohydrate intake, blood glucose levels and insulin doses.
    I would have liked to learn more about the research related to paid application mentioned at the end of your post, providing a link could have been helpful. Overall good job linking this topic of mobile communications with the topic of diabetes management.

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