Mobile Communication Tools for Public Health


Mobile devices are quickly becoming the platform of choice for computing and collaboration versus sitting behind a desk, and will change how organizations leverage data and drive mission delivery.

Technology is changing the world around us sometimes in subtle ways and sometimes in very dramatic ways. Consumer behavior is changing, companies are figuring out how to best use the latest technology to sell products and services and improve brand loyalty. It’s no different for nonprofits. Nonprofit Technology is causing an ongoing transformation in the nonprofit sector from the way supporters engage with their favorite nonprofits to the way nonprofit organizations fundraise, market and manage information .


  1. Guilty Pledgers:

Guilty Pledgers is a mobile app launched by Spotlight that enables users to create fundraising parties where guests can pledge money to add their favorite songs to the party playlist.


2) Ink to the People:

Ink to the People empowers anyone to create and sell their own t-shirt designs to benefit their favorite nonprofits.



GiveMob is a mobile app that allows users to donate to select nonprofits via text with just a couple of taps.


4) Cause Direct:

Cause Direct enables businesses to donate to their favorite charity or school every time they accept a credit or debit card payment.



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