4 Ways to use Video to Boost Social Media Marketing for Non-Profits

Most often, inspirational videos will get more shares, likes and engagement in general than sales-based messages. Deep, moving video strikes a chord with your audience, especially if it is in relation to a cause they already feel passionate about. Additionally, videos with more meaningful messages tend to apply to more people, making it more likely your audience will want to share it with their own friends and followers. Your video does not have to be a big budget production; just speak a message from the heart that will help further your non-profit’s cause and inspire people to help you advance your mission.

4 Ways to use Video to Boost Social Media Marketing for Non-Profits

#1: Stand Out on Social Media With Video Posts

Take advantage of the open graph to get social shares of your pages to stand out on Facebook and Twitter.

For example, look at this tweet of a page with a video from Fortune.com. The tweet includes the actual video under the tweet, as opposed to just a link to it.



#2: Greet Facebook Fans With a Featured Video:

Facebook allows you to select a featured video that will appear in your page’s About section:


#3: Make a playlist

One way to get your audience to watch several of your non-profit’s videos is to create a playlist. You can create several playlists in order to control your viewers’ experiences with your videos. For instance, if you have a series of videos that address tips and tactics related to your non-profit, add them all into one playlist so people can find them all in one location. While there is currently no way to link to a specific playlist, it is a feature Facebook will hopefully develop on the near future.


#4: Attract YouTube Subscribers With a Channel Trailer

Non- profits should set up a channel trailer. This video plays automatically for visitors who are not subscribed to your channel.





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