YouTube is my best multimedia sharing website

u tube

This week I have explored many multimedia sharing sites such as Instagram, YouTube and Vimeo.  Each site has its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.  Depending on what we need and what we want to do, each site may be more suitable than others.  Of all the sites that I have explored, YouTube is the most popular, widespread and has the most visitors and users.  It is also my best multimedia sharing website and the followings are the reasons.

YouTube is a video sharing website.  We can post any video that we make on to YouTube and it will be there for the whole world to watch instantly. That is the power of YouTube. The sheer amount of data and information YouTube possesses is what makes it such a large source of social influence. From dental teaching to political pushings, YouTube is used to share all types of information (even the nonsensical fancies and whims of the Internet such as the Nyan Cat and Shia LaBeouf ‘Just Do It’ motivational video).

Another great thing about YouTube is that it is easily accessible to everyone online, allowing people to upload their own videos and create their own content, even as amateurs. This allows us to share content without traditional gatekeepers, and explore, discover and share new ideas without restraints. Furthermore, the free platform YouTube provides for us users and viewers is what makes YouTube especially successful in its accessibility.

These benefits culminate in the use of YouTube for health-related motives. Even President Obama used it to share information on the Affordable Care Act, and constantly shared videos to inform the people on deadlines, the details of ObamaCare and more. Below is a snapshot of one of his videos:

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 11.42.19 pm

In Summary, YouTube is popular world wide, easy access and free to use.  These are the reasons why YouTube is my favourite multimedia sharing website.

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One thought on “YouTube is my best multimedia sharing website

  1. That’s a very nice overview Tim, thank you. YouTube is the second biggest search engine, just behind Google, a feature which further empowers its role as a robust social media platform. For people working in the medical field using high-tech equipment, the need for 100% utilization of this equipment is insatiable. YouTube may be the tool, which will unlock the accumulated knowledge wherever around the world is produced!

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