The Art of Connecting and Informing Using Instagram


In “Here Comes Everybody,” Clay Shirky discusses the structure of social networks, and how our world really isn’t as small as we think it is. I related to the example of meeting someone on an airplane that you find out you have a mutual connection with, as this just happened to me not long ago when a fellow passenger and I realized we would be attending the same wedding the next day. These connections made in person can be easy to do.. but what about using multimedia tools?

Connecting via social media and multimedia tools is truly an art form, and it is not always an easy one. Using the multimedia platform Instagram to promote health can be a fantastic way to connect with others, get your name out there, share your knowledge, and even build a brand for yourself.

In the video below, avid Instagram user Ravleen Grewal discusses her health, nutrition and fitness Instagram page leengirlfit. She gives insight into the motivation behind the page, building her own reputation and brand using this multimedia platform, connecting with users and her reach on Instagram, and also challenges behind the page.

(this video was posted on another multimedia site, Vimeo- these tools really can do everything can’t they?)


2 thoughts on “The Art of Connecting and Informing Using Instagram

  1. Hi Melissa,
    First off, I really like your title. Connecting with strangers is not necessarily an intuitive process. I believe labeling it as an art form is more realistic. Rather than bogging down your post with a block of text, I appreciate you keeping the required reading to a minimum and letting the informative nature and power of multimedia speak for itself via your video link. Nice post.

  2. This is great Melissa!
    Really great use of multimedia to show how significant multimedia tools can be!
    The video is really nice – great clean transitions from interview, to instructional workout videos, to pictures of food etc! Looks really schmick and professional! Also really interesting video in its own right! I may have to check out her instagram page!
    I think it is really appropriate that you used less text in this post and focused on the multimedia tools themselves.
    Nice explicit reference to the text also.

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