Multimedia, multi-shmedia..?


I’m not sure if that was really a question.. or if it was, what exactly I was asking there, however my exploration this week into the benefits of multimedia have shown me that multimedia is actually a really important way to get your message out there in public health. No “shmedia” about it, its great!

Multimedia is exactly what you think it is… and more actually! Well, what it actually encompassed was a surprise to me at least. On top of the graphics, video and text that we typically think of when it comes to multimedia, it also includes all the funky interactive audio and visual techniques to promote material such as streaming, webinars, podcasts etc. I also discovered there are a whole bunch of great ways multimedia can be used to publicize an event.

So let’s say you are organizing a Colon Cancer screening awareness event and want to get the word out. You want to attract participants, keep a record to advertise future events and want to capture the mood and atmosphere to show the community support you received from your amazing event. What are the options? I thought I would delve into the different ways a public health event might be promoted using multimedia.


A short and sweet video to attract attention and promote the campaign, the charity event or highlight a particular upcoming public health day. We have a short attention span and this is a great way to promote general awareness of an issue and encourage its placement into current vernacular. A campaign can really gain momentum once it is in conversation. The attendance and support of an event is catalyzed by increasing awareness of a given issue.

Take video of the event to use as advertisements for future events



Radio and recorded audio do perform quite well in drawing attention and promoting an public health campaign. However given the highly attracting power of visual media though, podcasts are probably better suited at documenting the event. Podcasts are perfect at capturing expert speakers and act to record and document important public health information – for example a General Surgeon being discussing the symptoms of early bowel cancer.


Vox Pops

Now I had NEVER heard of a “Vox Pop” before. It is a cool pseudo abbreviation of “voice of the people” and is a way of getting a quick snapshot of public opinion at a given event. All that is required to create a vox pop is a camera or purely an audio recording (although visuals add a whole lot more to the story) and you simply ask people at your AIDS fundraising what their opinions are regarding AIDS in the community etc. It helps show support for your event. It can also highlight public misconceptions and act as a talking point (“oh my gosh! I had no idea that you can’t catch HIV from a toilet seat!” – etc etc). It can also be used as supporting evidence that a given issue is valued in a community to assist with funding.


Multimedia can be an incredibly valuable way to promote a public health issue, event or campaign. It can be used to help a campaign gain momentum, solidify it in popular language and encourage support and funding.


6 thoughts on “Multimedia, multi-shmedia..?

  1. I like the photo you have posted in the beginning , the post is also very informative .
    I has never heard of Vox Pop or podcast , thanks for sharing the information .

  2. Oooohhh, the colors! Like a moth to the flame, I was certainly drawn in by your top picture. But wait, three more colorful and uniformly sized pictures under each of your three sub categories? Ah, heaven! Haha. Well maybe I got a little carried away, but I certainly like your blog layout. Your three options of potential multimedia campaigns are great choices. A “teaser” is always popular and effective, and as in the name, leaves your reader/viewer wanting more. One of the things from this week’s material that resonated with me is when Caricia discussed how it is so rare for people to want to re-read or re-watch public health material, and when they do, it shows you that that particular media tool or campaign is highly effective. A “teaser” is certainly something that will draw your target demographic in and may be the tipping point for them to begin doing their own research into the topic. I think you do this very well with your blog by initially drawing in the reader and leaving them wanting more. If I had never heard about Vox Pops, your short yet informative description would be enough to pique my interest and to motivate me to do my own research. You don’t explicitly reference the readings in your post; however, I think the content suffices and is really more informative than a simple hyperlink to Here Comes Everybody or Social Media for the Social Good. Nice job.

  3. Yeah this post made good use of multimedia elements, symmetry, etc. Of course the opening picture was a huge eye catcher. You took out very different points from the multimedia aspects than I did, thus it was useful to see your take on this subject. You made good use of outside sources, and perhaps making reference to our book readings would be in order. From a blog standpoint, I wish WordPress made it easier to change fonts and sizes, etc. I have done some of that thru the html editor. I think changing fonts and sizes, helps emphasize things. I guess that would be another possible area of change is figuring out how to change the size of the fonts or something to make the titles of things look different from the text. I haven’t done that in all of my posts, but in 1 of them I did because it seemed like it needed it . . . hope that helps.

  4. Chloe,

    I love your post and the integration of pictures, texts, and video examples. You really explain the points well and also give great, solid examples to tie all the information together.
    Love your post!

  5. Hello, I wanted to share an article I recently found “Why You Don’t Listen to Podcasts (and why you should)” — it has a list of interesting podcasts on various topics, including history, medicine, stories. As you have mentioned, majority of them capture and feature an expert speaker, and others belong to “chicken soup for the soul” type: inspirational, engaging and entertaining.

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