Imagine “Periscoping” the Ice Bucket Challenge

Multimedia is combined use of virtual tools to influence change and awareness. It’s interactive and stimulating to extend reach and potentially motivate some form of change individually and systemically.

Take a look at the use of the ice bucket challenge and its catalyst in bringing awareness and donations to ALS. A catchy but simple idea (pouring iced water) and its use of multimedia can extend your reach around the world very quickly. As mentioned by Anthony Veneziale in this week’s video, producing a video under 3 minutes with a clear takeaway is key just like this here.

Another key indicator that you did well in your multimedia campaign is if you can engage Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and the impersonator of President Obama. 

Screen shot 2015-08-01 at 10.29.39 PM

NOW IMAGINE SEEING ALL THESE PUBLIC FIGURES DO THIS LIVE: A whole new level of engagement in Periscope which is a new tool bought by Twitter for live streaming where viewers/followers can experience and witness interactions in real time! Don’t you want to watch Ryan Gosling (or whoever your fantasy movie star is) pour cold water (or something more drought friendly) in real time and talk with him right after?! Periscope has such functionality! Imagine the power it harnesses in the world of public health.

Some recommendations to Periscope: 

  1. Catchy Title: Viewers have short attention span, make it interesting enough for them to click on it.
  2. Easy to Find: This is through Twitter, therefore turn Twitter sharing on to allow your followers to find it.

Current Ways Periscope is used in Public Health: 

  • Live streaming of health procedures (of course after gaining informed consent of patients) to educate about general health issues and preventative measures/medical procedures to resolve it. Viewers can comment or ask questions after.
  • Live streaming of health topic sessions where different health topics are introduced and viewers can ask real time questions.
  • Live streaming of public health events: 2 MDs drove cross-country in a Tesla to discuss men’s issues and hosts funny, interactive broadcasts of it through Periscope!

Check out actual cases that illustrates each of the above bullet points here.


2 thoughts on “Imagine “Periscoping” the Ice Bucket Challenge

  1. Hi Jessica, thanks for your post! I am not too familiar with Periscope, so your blog was very insightful. From your description, it sounds like periscope is a wonderful education tool. Do you think it could be used to facilitate online education? For instance, based on your first bullet about how periscope is used in Public Health, it sounds like it would be a great venue to use for online lectures to help bring the students and professors together. Since joining UCB, I realize even more how useful and important online education is in today’s world. Given that more and more people are choosing to continue their education using online tools, Periscope sounds like a great platform to incorporate into the current education system.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for an informative post. To be honest, before taking this course, I had no even heard of Periscope. I did a bit of searching and found that it’s relatively new (seems like it came out in April of this year). This seems like a really personalized way to communicate with people and is the next best option when you can’t physically be in the same place as the person on the other end. I am amazed at how it can be used to stream live health procedures for education. What an innovative way to educate people from afar. And I think it’s great that you included a link to a website that showcases how physicians use periscope in their practices whether it’s to educate people about obesity and get video footage of surgical procedures. Also I think being able to see a physicians face when you ask them a question makes your experience more “tangible” in a sense.

    Since this is a newer tool, and there’s a chance that the readers may not be familiar with it, I think it would be a good idea to include a link to the Periscope website in your blog. I found an interesting article on the Daily Dot that talks about how Periscope is already quite popular and it compares to another popular multimedia sharing tool called Meerkat

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