From Psoriasis to Getting to Know Multimedia

August is Psoriasis Awareness Month. Same as many other skin conditions, psoriasis affects many lives in the United States every year. The National Psoriasis Foundation – if you look closely at the main page – uses Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. in bringing awareness of this condition to the society.

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National Psoriasis Foundation establishes a YouTube page, devoting to bringing awareness of psoriasis into the society. Here is the link:

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On the YouTube page, the following topics were covered in numerous videos:

  • Overview on psoriasis
  • Different types of psoriasis
  • Celebrities sharing their person experiences on managing psoriasis
  • Pathophysiology of psoriasis
  • Treatment of psoriasis
  • New research on psoriasis


Flickr is a photo-based social media, sharing valuable moments captured by pictures. On the page, you can see many pictures capturing various events held by the National Psoriasis Foundation, aiming to send the message out there to the world.

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Marianna Moneymaker, online outreach and production, WITNESS, states, “Rather than telling your nonprofit’s story in one long version, think of it instead as shooting numerous scenes for a movie. Each video is a shorter story that can focus on a specific campaign, program, or achievement – all with their own beginning, middle, and end, but collectively the video tell the complete story of the nonprofit and its mission.”

August 1 – 31

Psoriasis Awareness Month

National Psoriasis Foundation

6600 SW 92nd Avenue, Suite 300

Portland, OR 97223

(800) 723-9166

(503) 245-0626 Fax

Materials available

Contact: National Office

Psoriasis is just one of the many medical conditions that await our society to learn about. If you are interested in knowing, disease awareness week or month, please log onto:


3 thoughts on “From Psoriasis to Getting to Know Multimedia

  1. Hi Clipper,
    Your post is very informative about the multimedia tools that can be used to educate the public on conditions such as psoriasis. The YouTube page is an example of what other organizations can implement in order to spread the knowledge on a condition or health topic. Adding celebrities in videos proves to be very effective. The YouTube channel you provide on your post has a video of top model CariDee and this video has 140,806 views compared to the Part 1-Psoriasis video that has 35,512 views. Again great way of disseminating information about psoriasis and multimedia tools that can be used.

  2. Clipper, what a creative way to incorporate social media and videos to showcase its effectiveness in educating the public. Thought, the post was short, it covered many simple points and conveyed the message. After reading your post, I did a search about diabetes and came across many educational videos and stories especially on children battling Type 1. Another idea that came to mind was using video as a training tool so ones can watch over and over again to better manage a condition or learn about new facts. Great post.

  3. Hey Clipper,
    I appreciate that you took one campaign and showed us how they utilized two different platforms: Youtube and Flickr. Do you know if they create dialogue with their audience? For example, do they have someone respond to comments left on their videos? Or do they sole post tips? I also like that you included links to learn more about Psoriasis awareness month. Interesting read.

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