Getting Started with Instragram for your Health Organization

Although I’ve been a fan of Instagram to share and view pictures among friends for a while now, I’ve just recently started to use Instagram for business. And it is fantastic.

Instagram is possibly the most user friendly social media site out there, and it certainly requires the least amount of effort for followers to engage with your messages–after all, they don’t even have to read any content to get engaged. The allure of a simple snapshot with a well chosen filter can be enough to inform, inspire and hook in your audience.

Here is a guide to getting your health organization up and running on Instagram:

Getting Your Business Started on Instagram in 12 Easy Steps

Let us know how it goes in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Getting Started with Instragram for your Health Organization

  1. Maia, great post! I appreciate the inforgraphic being large and very easy to read. You also laid out the information very clearly, and you definitely make Instagram sound like an extremely easy media to use.

    One thing I think would boost this post is if you posted a picture from your business account. Since you’ve just recently started using Instagram for your business, I think it would tie the post together nicely :]

    (Ps/ there is also a formatting issue with direction #4on your infographic. The overlay of text is super hard to read)

    • Hey! Thanks for the comment and suggestion. I didn’t include the link to my business’ Instagram account because I never think to even log into Instagram on a computer, and because it is mostly in Spanish. Anyway, here is the link if you want to take a look/come to Panama and eat tacos:


  2. Awesome post Maia! I agree that instagram is user friendly and you don’t need much content to engage your audience. The cool thing I like about instagram was that you were able to change the color of your pictures to black and white, canvas, etc. Now most mobile phones have this feature. I really enjoyed your layout, it’s very easy to follow and it has nice big pictures!

  3. Maia – awesome post!!! Your infographic is useful and great to look at. I agree, posting a link to your business account would help us link the post to your real world!

  4. Thanks Maia, I think it’s great how much easier it is to read an infographic, than it is to follow just a list of what to do. This really emphasizes just how easy it is to get started using Instagram. I think this infographic could be even better if you include screenshots of each step from the app to show people exactly what you mean.

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