No such thing as a “BEST” Website for Health

There are different types of descriptions for the word “Best”.

Here a few:


Websites which have the most traffic. Websites which have the most volume, are often said to be the most successful and the most impactful. The more visitors a website has, the more it shows up on google searches, the more it can command for online advertisements and the more people the information posted on the site can reach. Volume is a very important part of having a successful health website.


Websites which have the most information., is the governmental website for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services. There is a wealth of information , including nationwide statistics, procedures, regulations and current CMS related news. Some would argue that these type of websites, informational, are the best, as they have the most utility. In fact, people can download spreadsheets of raw data of healthcare usage, such as chronic diseases within a certain geography, and perform your own analysis and make your own calculations. These website are inarguably powerful due to these publicly accessible data warehouses, and probably have an unshakeable foothold in the “best” category.


Websites which can give you the most up-to-date news possible, are of great public value. These are sites you go to first thing in the morning to see what happened while you were sleeping. These are the sites you frequent first to see details and any major event, tragedy, or news break. There is nothing that can replace this type of site, people need current news.  In health, these sites would be your go to for any public health emergency. They would also be your first-stop for any seasonal issue,  such as the flu vaccine. But do these timely feature make it the “best”?


Some argue that humor is the best quality to have. A website with articles that are informative, but also make you laugh are sites that users will frequent again and again. It makes dry or boring material palatable and fun to read through. There are plenty of excel, and math websites out there which do this. For example, Health websites and blogs can follow similar paradigms. Humor in a site cannot be underestimated and may also be in the running for the best “best”.


Others claim the best sites are simply the ones that have been around the longest. Not just, existed on the web, but have attracted viewers and published new content for years or decades. If a website doesn’t attract users they will usually fail to continue to publish new content, as this takes time and effort, and without a return on investment this usually peters out. Therefore sustainability is an important component of qualifying “best” criteria.

It is probably impossible to have all these best’s in one site, but you can work towards a combination of valuable qualities. This will undoubtedly increase the probability of creating and sustaining a successful health website.

Let me know what you think defines the “BEST” health websites!



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