Tumbling into microblogging


When it comes to microblogging I am a bit of a novice.. I had never seen a tumblr account. I had the urge to start a twitter account about 18 months ago. I wrote one highly amusing and witty tweet. I was disheartened by the lack of response from the online community. Literally not even my mum followed me.. My own mum.. (at the time she had the prime minister of Australia following her – so clearly she didn’t have time to follow the likes of me..) Anyway, after that I never tweeted again… not even re-tweeted…

So for fear of dwelling on and rehashing the melancholy that was my first experience of being a twit(terer), I decided to share my first experience with tumblr. I was inundated with glossy images, quotable quotes, funny gifs and hashtags. I decided to focus my exploration by searching for “health” – floods of “fitspo” images and motivational quotes.. I tried to ignore the streams of unobtainable abs and glutes and focus further..

Ok I am going to be honest, I LOVED it… tumblr is a perfect way to make a powerful statement regarding public health. Pictures really do convey that much more information than wordy text. They evoke emotions and appeal to our senses. There is a great use of infographics, evocative images and powerful quips – all resulting in getting a message across and hopefully behavior change.

In order to create a public health campaign with impact you need –

1. A powerful image – strong images grab attention, elicit emotions and reactions and initiate an awareness. The use of lots of color tends to draw people in.

2. Short and sharp language – a witty phrase or a play on words can be a great way to engage readers. It instantly makes us feel more intelligent (for being “in” on the joke) and subsequently more likely to relate to the content.

3. An important message – campaigns promoting condom use for HIV prevention or teenage pregnancy are not hard to bond with. It is easy to support a cause that the public considers significant.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves…







One thought on “Tumbling into microblogging

  1. Catchy title. I must say, I was quite skeptical and very intrigued on how the picture on top would fit into your post. However, as soon as I read #1 and #3, it made perfect sense. A powerful image it is and it certainly grabbed my attention. And yes, I do secretly feel more intelligent for getting your play on words title.

    Coincidentally, I got hooked by a fisherman just yesterday while diving, so the photo at the bottom created a definite visceral response. I will NEVER smoke cigarettes now. Although they say a picture is worth a thousand words, I think it is worth even more when paired with a message as you very aptly demonstrate. Great post.

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