Top three reasons why micro-blogging platforms are here to stay

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Tumblr and Twitter are my two favourite micro-blogging sites.  Both of them are major players in the micro-blogging that have thousands of active users.  I have just started using both sites.  Nevertheless, I have found many useful and strong characteristics of each site that urge me to go back to them again and again.  These are the reasons why Tumblr and Twitter are my favourites and most likely are here to stay.

1. They both are very easy to use and browse.  They are very user friendly and thus making the the user very relax and stress free.

2. They are very unique in their own way.  They use very simple and short messages that make the users very easy to understand.  Twitter limit its post to no more than 140 characters.  Its posts are short and yet very informative.  Tumblr, on the other hand, concentrates a lot on graphic and pictures.  Good pictures worth thousands of words.

3. They are both very useful in health.  Tumblr has a very strong campaign against HIV infection.  Through strong graphic messages, it has managed to send very useful health messages.  In Singapore, the NEA has an account with Twitter to post the level of haze throughout the day. This is vital in this part of the world since Singapore is very vulnerable to haze. Haze is defined as an atmospheric phenomenon where dust, smoke and other dry particles obscure the clarity of the sky. The severity of the haze is expressed in number such that  0–50  Good  51–100 Moderate 101–200 Unhealthy. These numbers signal to Singaporeans how they should carry out activities. For example, a reading above 100 would require Singaporeans to stay indoors as far as possible.

With all these strong points, I believe that micro-blogging is not a short term trend that will come and go.  I believe that micro-blogging platforms are here to stay for good.

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One thought on “Top three reasons why micro-blogging platforms are here to stay

  1. Nice post Tim, thank you! Well, I am using a lot Twitter but not Tumblr. I feel that Twitter will continue to inform , entertain and keep us in touch with our social and professional contacts. I find very interesting your example with haze levels in Singapore, an excellent example on how social media can make our lives easier. However, not all out there will agree with us: here, you will read on ”10 reasons why Twitter is dying” Interesting to know that Twitter has weaknesses too!

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