Why I love Twitter (& why I don’t)

By Andreas Eldh

By Andreas Eldh

I’m personally a big fan of Twitter (find me @kmodes!) so this learning about the best practices has been really interesting to me. It really made me synthesize some of the things I love, and identify what drives me crazy. I rounded it up below:

Pros Cons
Fast – information flows quickly from
journalists and bystanders (like:
when my BART train is late, I check
Twitter to see what’s up)
What’s on Twitter is not necessarily true
(especially in breaking news)
You can find a niche of people who
think just like you
It’s easy to get caught in an echo
chamber and not hear opposing opinions
You can follow celebrities, writers,
brands and sometimes catch
some unfiltered thoughts
Twitter loves a GOTCHA – people will
screenshot a troubling tweet and
it will get talked about for … at least a
few hours
It’s so #easy to #group #information The #hashtag can be #annoying and
I follow a group of new media writers
who are all friends and it’s fun to
see their interactions online
Sometimes it feels creepy to know so
much about people you don’t actually
At it’s best, I dive into topics and
hear from people I wouldn’t come
across in my normal life
At it’s worst, you can see the cruel
underbelly of the internet, with some
cruel commenting, misogyny and trolling
Oh also – cute baby animals No con there!

I also made a quick video on how I use Twitter:


7 thoughts on “Why I love Twitter (& why I don’t)

  1. Kristina, AWESOME video! Thank you!! This was very helpful for me since I’m new to Twitter!
    Very organized and detailed list, I agree about the whole hashtag thing, it can be a bit annoying sometime 🙂

  2. Wow, this is fantastic! Very impressive skills with creating the tutorial. As always, I enjoyed your personal tone, insights and humor in this post. I think your points about the echo chamber and the gotcha moments were well put, and I liked how you paired those comments with their respective pros. Not sure those things are avoidable except through being aware of them. Thanks for the post–always a pleasure!

  3. This video is super helpful – I use twitter daily, and I didn’t know about the list function, so thank you! I always appreciate learning about the features of social media. I loved the pro/con list, it really shows that what makes social media so helpful, can also make it frustrating at exactly the same time (yes, #hashtags!). I agree with you that the speed of Twitter is what makes it the most helpful with breaking news, putting bystanders and journalists on the same footing.

  4. I’m so impressed with your video-making skills. This was a GREAT tutorial for those of us just starting off. On lynda.com, the tutorial videos were a little too in-depth (e.g. showing us how to sign up for an account), but your tutorial was perfect for most people who are already familiar with the internet in general. Pairing the video with the table you put together made this blog very easy to read, and the different styles held my attention (versus just a text blog with pictures). Well done!

  5. Thanks Kristina! I agree with the comments above. You gave a direct and succinct tutorial and even though I’m a daily twitter “checker” rather than user (I’ve never tweeted) I never really explored parts of twitter which I may need to use one day. I especially liked that you showed the list to embed a tweet. I’ve often wondered how people are able to put tweets in their blogs and now I know. Thanks!


  6. Kristina – thanks for personalized Twitter video tutorial! It works great for visual learners like me and you’ve made Twitter look so effortlessly easy to use and navigate thorough.

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