3 things microblogging can do for us


I am new to microblogging and never anticipated on creating a twitter account until this class. Now that I’ve experienced the advantages of microblogging, I understand the benefits of twitter and other microblogging social media sites.

According to Google, microblog is “a social media site to which a user makes short, frequent posts.” These “short, frequent posts” can lead us to a great deal of information.

Three important things microblogs can do for us:

  1. Help communicate faster
  2. Share ideas
  3. Collaborate


After I opened my twitter account, NPR Health News was the first health account I came across. The tweet NPR had on screen was https://twitter.com/NPRHealth/status/624649134675394560 – the tweet read “No More Hidden Sugar: FDA Proposes New Label Rule” the tweets have catchy titles and usually followed by a link. I wanted to learn more about this particular tweet, after clicking the link next to the title I was able to read the full article. I found this to be an easy and faster way to communicate about what’s going on in the health world.

Today we are bombarded with so many news, ideas, innovations and we tend to lose track of what the newest trend or breakthrough in health may be. I feel that twitter is like window shopping, you browse through your news feed and if something looks interesting then you simply click on the link next to the title and you’re able to read the full article. If it doesn’t look interesting then you keep scrolling.


As I continue with my vegetarian diet, I began to follow the Vegetarian Society. I found that this site not only shares ideas with its followers, but it supports people to become vegetarian and inspires them as well. They share their recipes and I have found them to be culturally sensitive. For #TequilaDay they had some delicious looking vegetarian “chiles rellenos” (stuffed peppers) which are traditionally made with ground beef.

Gumbo is another one of my favorite dishes, but it’s also usually made with meat. I liked Paula Deen’s chicken gumbo and was having a hard time finding an alternative until I started to use twitter.

The Vegetarian Society tweeted a vegetarian gumbo recipe that looked delicious! I clicked on their link and found the vegetarian alternative to gumbo! How many of you are willing to give this vegetarian Gumbo recipe a try?


Yoga has been part of my life for the past few years. I began to follow Yoga International and I’ve been awed by the stories people share about how yoga has changed their lives. Following Yoga International on twitter has given me the opportunity to collaborate with other yogi’s and share not only our stories but also our ideas.

Many companies have used microblogs to collaborate with other colleagues on project status. Microblogs are convenient for team members to share their thoughts and ideas in an unstructured way. When time zones and distances separate a team, microblogs have shown to be successful in improving and speeding teamwork.  Has microblogging improved your collaboration? If so, how?


6 thoughts on “3 things microblogging can do for us

  1. Thanks for the great post .
    It’s very interesting to see the benefits of social media in our life . I’m a big fan of Yuga as well! Thanks for sharing the link for Yuko Twitter , it’s interesting to hear others stories and ideas about Yuga and how it has changed their life’s . Without such platforms we would have never been able to have connection with these groups of people .

  2. Hey Patricia, I really liked hearing from a ‘newbie’ to Twitter. It’s great hearing about the ways that you were able to share, communicate and collaborate. I think it would be also great to hear any challenges or issues you had as a new user.

  3. Well done! I am also new to Twitter, so it was encouraging to see how quickly and naturally you adapted to it. I think the idea that Twitter is like window shopping is a great analogy, and really sums up its utility as an information and social networking tool. Thanks!

  4. You’re absolutely right that Twitter is like window shopping. I’m always interested in what makes people choose certain tweets in all the noise. What makes you click on a tweet to learn more? Is it the catchy title, or your interest in the subject matter – how would you drive traffic with your tweet?

  5. Nice blog, Patricia! I like how you personalized the uses of microblogging by using your own interests as examples. It makes Twitter seem a lot more applicable to my life, for just finding information interesting to me. I’m also new to Twitter, and still haven’t really gotten the hang of it. I think you should include somewhere in the title that the post is about how to best utilize Twitter for your own health needs, because this blog was very helpful!

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