Microblogging, the macro trend

How many times do we blog a day? For many of us the answer would be very little, or at least that’s what we believe to be true. The reality is we are blogging when we post on social media. These blogs are often short, a sentence even and they lie on the feeds of our social media accounts. The term used to describe this form of blogging is microblogging. Microblogging does for blogging what texting has done for telephone calls, quick, efficient and rather popular. Microblogs offer the user and the target audience to utilize short, concise communication to promote a thought. And as our world continues to speed up, microblogging will continue to be the preferred choice of blogging, whether the author realizes they are blogging or not.

Microblogging has many of the same benefits and drawbacks as blogging. But here are some things to consider:


  1. Privacy. As the world continues to shrink so does our privacy. These short posts can be viewed by anyone, this is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing in the sense that your information can be cast out over an unmeasurable area. Everyone and anyone can see what you’re thinking which can create controversy.
  2. Discretion. As mentioned above anyone has access to the thoughts you post Blogs and Privacy. Consider what you’re saying and ensure that it will not be offensive. The quickest way to ruin your individual brand is to post something insensitive. And remember these posts DO NOT GO AWAY! Working in athletics I have seen my fair share of inappropriate texts. These posts are usually made aware to the public through media and it not only effects the individual but the organization the individual is associated with. Now you may not draw the same attention as a world class athlete but a potential employer can have access to your posts and you may miss out on the job if these posts aren’t up to moral par. Take great care when formulating thoughts, if you do this your microblogging experience should be fruitful. gate
  3. “Tagless”. While Twitter or other forms of microblogging are an excellent way to share thoughts with a broad audience, you may have difficulty drawing in average internet surfers. Blogs offer the opportunity to place tags, these tags can help people when they make searches and increase the overall traffic of your blog. Twitter doesn’t have the “tag” feature but it does allow individuals to “retweet” posts. Doesn’t necessarily have the same affect but does allow the message to spread to an audience you may not be connected with.
  4. Untapped potential. While popular, microblogging is still a relatively new phenomenon. There are still many organizations that do not fully utilize the potential of microblogging. In the world of athletics, microblogging is beginning to be utilized more and more but typically only by the younger generation. Athletic organizations are beginning to post videos, daily updates on the state of the program and other forms of promotion in the hope of luring in student athletes. While many are having success with this platform there are still those who consider the practice to be taboo. If you want to start microblogging for your organization understand that you may be met with resistance. But don’t be discouraged, your innovative way of blogging will soon capture the attention and respect of even the most cynical skeptic.

There’s many forms of blogging. You can pursue the traditional route of long posts, the short posts of microblogging or some combination of both. Like I have said in my previous posts, consider your audience. And don’t be afraid to do double the work. You’ll catch a lot more fish by throwing out a net rather than a single line.


4 thoughts on “Microblogging, the macro trend

  1. Pros: Witty title; informative content- every sentence added something to the author’s discussion; very convincing– telling the reader they are already a blogger; special warning about privacy- this is probably the most important information for anyone entering the blogosphere for this first time; personal touch – author related it to his experience in athletics.
    Constructive feedback: I wouldn’t change anything about this post!

  2. I like the title- the play on words it suggests that the blog on microblogging contrasts with the blog as a macro platform.
    You present a nice summary of general dos and don’ts with respect to general microblogging use and the drawbacks to the use of this platform; privacy, etiquette, lack of definition of the audience and underutilization. I can see your personal style in the blog, reference to athletics and encouraging, informal nature of your post.

    If I were reading for entertainment, the content coupled with the “voice” you use in the blog would be consistent with that type of consumer and for that purpose.
    However, if I were to try to use the blog to help me figure out how to use it or adapt this for my business purposes, the information contained within the blog would fall short. For example, finding your audience would be a big part of the reason to microblog in the first place and why this platform is underutilized. Elaborate on that or give references that could help point me in the right direction. There is one reference link in the blog about privacy. There is little evidence in the blog of how this ties in with public health or the readings. This is important because it is a rubric task for the microblog assignment.

  3. Appreciated your personal insights and the word of encouragement about not being afraid to initiate microblogging by drawing a parallel between Twitter and short messages / text exchange.
    For public health application this would look like simply writing instant short messages, updates and alerts to your community, athletic team or general public. As you are saying, these messages should be customized keeping in mind your particular cause and audience.
    I also learned that these microblogs are short-lived, real-time and fast propagated due to frequency of overall updates on Twitterverse. Therefore, with Twitter, more frequent updates may be needed, even better if they are time-driven to continue momentum and consistent presence on Twitter.
    With smart phones world-wide penetration tweeting truly becomes a “macro trend”. I can relate why Twitter has gained such popularity – with simple push of a button your short and concise message is instantly disseminated to all your followers and team members!
    Regarding hashtags – I think this is what has been used in Twitter to organize searches, create new chain of conversation or to join a particular conversation topic. I think what I liked about Twitter searches the most is the “Trends” search – it shows what Twitter community is mostly chirping about right now – fascinating! As our course book remarks “Twitter is both more complicated and more fascinating that it appears —- it is a community in which success is earned and rarely guaranteed.” Good luck in discovering Twitter potential!

  4. A good and an excellent comparison by stating that micro-blogging does for blogging what texting has done for telephone calls. It gives a short and a very effective message to the readers. Eventhough it is a short lived message, it can be very useful. I certainly agree with you that micro-blogging has become a macro trend and most likely is here to stay for a long time to come. Thank you for a great post.

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