Wanna meetup? Social media offline


Let’s face it.. working out alone can be tough. We all want to get the recommended amount of physical activity in daily, but we get busy, tired, or just plain unmotivated. Improving health is made easy with meetup.com. This was unknown and somewhat uncomfortable territory for me, however after signing up for an account a whole new world is at my fingertips! Hiking, biking, running, yoga, dog walks, ping-pong tournaments, and so much more are all groups that I can join that are within 5 miles from where I live that incorporate my interests.

Meetup focuses on people finding others locally that share interests and can participate in a huge range of group events and activities.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 6.15.41 PM

Just by joining a few groups, I already have 27 possible meetups to attend, and by entering my location I have 321 meetups nearby!

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 6.17.09 PM

“Social Media Update” from the Pew Research Center shows that while Facebook has the highest number of users, other social media platforms have higher rates of growth. Meetup is not mentioned specifically, however this platform has so much potential to be used in many different ways. After signing up for an account and clicking a few different boxes sharing your interests, groups are presented that you have the opportunity to join. Health, wellness and exercise in many forms are all interests that can be chosen by the participant and then they are able to choose specific events (or start their own group/event) to attend that highlight their interests.

The in-person aspect makes meetup extremely unique when it comes to social media. This is not a site that you simply join and post online- you attend events, spend time with people actually participating in the activities that share common interests. This actual meet up transcends all generations, especially those that aren’t completely tech-savvy or simply prefer in-person interaction. “Social Media Update” also emphasizes the large number of the 65+ population that are now using various platforms of social media, and this hybrid meetup formula could be the beginning of these seniors using social media to improve their own health.

The “meetup” adds a community component to fitness and exercise, and this element of support and encouragement can really aid in success of health goals. Participants in these events know that they are not struggling by themselves, and they can form relationships within their meetup groups that may help them stick to their fitness targets and be accountable to more than just themselves.

So what do you say… you wanna meetup offline?





4 thoughts on “Wanna meetup? Social media offline

  1. Yes Melissa! I DO want to meet up offline! Great post! I like the staggered pictures (I am still trying to work out how to do this) and relate-able language. Also nice idea of how social media is actually trying to change and promote health behaviors.

  2. Hi Melissa. I appreciate you writing this blog as somebody who has just signed up and is completely new to Meetup. I think this helps to sell it better as you become more relatable to your readers. I like the screenshot you use of your actual Meetup profile. P.S. I would totally do the mountain bike ride.

    It is nice that you make the distinction between Meetup and other social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. The in-person aspect of Meetup seems to be its defining feature and is in my opinion the reason it could be so beneficial for the public health community. I think the negative aspects of social media use (i.e. sitting on the computer alone versus being out and about socializing organically) are mitigated with Meetup given its interactive nature. Connecting online in order to connect offline seems like a good business model.

  3. Great post – great summary of Meetup. I like how you focused on one of the social media sites and delved into it a bit more. Also, making personal brings the reader in.

    One of the things that I think brings a little more “intrigue” or “interest” to our blog posts is by changing up the side the picture goes on, switching between left justified and right justified and also having the text wrap around the pictures. It makes the paragraphs look different and less like straight forward text as sometimes the blocks of paragraphs can look. Just some thoughts I have noticed which are definitely colored by personal preference!

  4. Great post and personal story behind it! It stimulated me to look at Meetup application to public health. Indeed, I found quite a few Meetups “Interest groups”: for individual rights, public health, ethics, equity, politics and resources allocation – http://www.meetup.com/Interest-Group-on-Public-Health-Ethics-and-Equity/
    Public Health Meetups – http://public-health.meetup.com/ – about 37 groups are listed.
    Healthcare Innovation – http://healthcare-innovation.meetup.com/ – 378 groups.
    It appears to be really good way to network with colleagues and professionals-enthusiasts. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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