The Power of #TheDress

You can get acquainted with just about anybody through the virtual world in a matter of seconds. That’s the power of social media where you can mobilize top stakeholders across the world to a social cause (ie. BlackLivesMatter) or to something even more important such as whether this dress is blue or white: Screen shot 2015-07-18 at 11.04.17 PM Tens of millions of online users as well as our world leaders, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber felt the pull of the campaign and engaged themselves to it. Screen shot 2015-07-18 at 11.00.28 PM So…why do people care?  1. Content and Style of Post

  • Witty, Edgy Post – Much like how the title of an essay or book is hardest to determine, the same goes for a post/its headline.
  • Controversially Relatable – The question “Is this dress blue or white” has an edge of controversy that is easily comprehended which makes it approachable and interesting enough to respond to.
  • Provoking Image/Short Video – Helps with comprehension of question and evoke emotions to incentivize engagement!

2. With the provoking post, must leverage the advantages of Twitter and Facebook  Power of Twitter: Professionals, celebrities, politicians use twitter as a mode of quick, succinct communication to the world which means they are also recipients (followers) of information from the worldly network. The chilled environment of twitter quickly elicit effortless responses and keep followers frequently engaged as the tweets are straightforward to accommodate everyone’s limited attention span. This picture garnered attention of users with high social, political and financial capital. Power of Facebook: 80-90% of online users use Facebook and it continues to dominate across all social media platforms (Pew Research Center). The Facebook network is wide where its usage cuts across generation, SES, race and educational level. This picture going through Facebook has high hit rate to a bigger audience. 3. Today’s Technological Climate-Crossovers of Users Between Platforms: From the Pew Research Center article, online users often use more than one platform. The overlap expedited the travel of this picture to users around the world as those who may not use Twitter received this information from users of both platforms.


One thought on “The Power of #TheDress

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Interesting post! I think that you’ve used a catchy title and topic of discussion to get the conversation going about how different people use social media to communicate with people about topics of interest (even if it’s about debating what colour a dress is). The only suggestion I’d make is to add hyperlinks to the references you made to BlackLivesMatter as well as the statistics that you quoted from the Pew Research Centre.

    I also like the hint of sarcasm, I think it makes your posts witty and fun to read!

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