My top three reasons why I like Twitter best

I just started learning how to browse various social medias such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter since I started taking the course of Mass Communication in Public Health.  I find all of the social media platforms very interesting but I find Twitter the most unique and unconventional.

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Here are my top three reasons why I like Twitter best:

1. User-friendliness

Twitter is very easy to use and browse. Its simplicity stems from the lack of various applications, only focusing on 140 characters a post. It’s user-friendliness makes it very manageable for anyone to use, and it also encourages creative thinking. Many comedic accounts use Twitter as a means to share funny one-liners. A famous account with 1 million followers, uses these one liners to make funny statements, hitting thousands of retweets and favorites.

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2. Unique Conventions

Twitter accounts post thoughts, opinions, statements in less than 140 characters. Unlike other social media accounts where posting is liberal, Twitter chooses to have a very specific structure and yet thrives in such a unique field of its own. It is especially useful in our world where we are constantly bombarded with information, and Twitter condenses such information for us in a digestible manner that is easy to understand. At a glance, we can learn from many different accounts the most recent news, happenings, and feelings of our friends, leaders, and even strangers.

3. Usefulness

In Singapore, the National Environment Agency (NEA) has an account that constantly posts and updates the current reading of PSI readings.  It is an effective means of disseminating information to Singaporeans, especially since smartphone penetration in Singapore is nearly 100%, and many of these people have social media accounts.

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This is vital in this part of the world since Singapore is very vulnerable to haze.  Haze is defined as an atmospheric phenomenon where dust, smoke and other dry particles obscure the clarity of the sky.  The severity of the haze is expressed in number such that  0–50  Good  51–100 Moderate 101–200 Unhealthy. These numbers signal to Singaporeans how they should carry out activities. For example, a reading above 100 would require Singaporeans to stay indoors as far as possible.

Every summer between the months of  May to July, Singapore usually suffers terrible haze that can affect the health of Singaporean. This haze is normal brought by the wind from the neighboring country like Indonesia.  The haze is created by irresponsible parties that burns forest wildly to create land for palm plantation. Therefore, this Twitter account helps to spread information to keep Singaporeans safe as a health advisory for the public.

Thus, in conclusion, Twitter has many functions that are suitable for even those who are not technically-inclined, yet still brings a sense of entertainment and connection that we seek in social media. Using these connections and networks, health advisories can use Twitter as an effective means of public health communication to save lives.



4 thoughts on “My top three reasons why I like Twitter best

  1. Hi Tim,
    I loved the way you broke up the post. Because even if the reader isn’t interested enough to read through your paragraphs, they can still get a good idea of what your blog post is about by perusing the titles of your numbered items! I too, think twitter is unconventional and provokes a new way of communicating which partially based on being succinct. Great Post!

  2. Great post,
    I like the way you’ve numbered your comment .
    It’s very easy to follow . One of the many things I like about the Twitter is that its very easy to use .

  3. This is a great post that really captures the essence of Twitter. Fantastic job. I liked how you framed that Twitter is user-friendly, has unique conventions, and is useful in a way that addresses any barriers someone may have to using Twitter. At the face of it, Twitter looks like a new language and can be anxiety-provoking in figuring out how to post something in 140 characters or less. But I think you framed it well in a positive light in that it encourages us to be creative and have posts that are useful. I especially enjoyed the case example of the NEA in Singapore and their Twitter posts. What a clever idea for using social media in a public health manner. I would suggest for next time to use more formatting to really highlight your main points and use links to the Twitter feeds in your post. Thanks for a great read Tim!

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