Social media & health – 7 tips to swear by

Check out this video from my pal Kelly, who has worked in non-profit and cause-related communications for over 5 years. She brings up 7 tips that are essential in social media campaigns.

Seven tips for social media & health

  1. Social media is another platform to get out your message
  2. Know your most important audience, and what you want to say to them
  3. Find out where your audience is on social media
  4. Know what you want your audience to do
  5. Have a conversation with your audience (not just a broadcast)
  6. Plan, plan, plan ahead!
  7. Always ask: will my audience care about this and why?

What do you think about these tips? Would you add anything?


4 thoughts on “Social media & health – 7 tips to swear by

  1. Great video Kristina! Thank you and Kelly for sharing your seven tips for social media and health. I agree with Kelly when she says that we need to tailor our messages depending on the social media outlet we are using. I often see the same exact post on facebook and instagram and I honestly don’t understand the point. I agree when Kelly says we need to “customize for every platform”
    Great video and thanks again for sharing!

  2. Great info, Kelly’s insights were great! I really think tip five is the key to making the difference in having a truly successful social media campaign. When I look at the recent successful social media public health campaigns, like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and Movember, encourage having a conversation with your audience.

  3. Kristina, this video is great! I’m still extremely new to video editing, so I’m very impressed by how smoothly you pieced everything together. Also, Kelly is a great interviewee. I like that she talked both directly to you and to the camera. It was a very engaging conversation that was easy to follow. Her advice is on point, too. One thing I feel like people do not do these days is plan ahead when they post something on social media. People don’t seem to realize that the internet is forever!

  4. Great way to incorporate your video into your blog! I like the 7 clear points that you bring to light in the blog. Maybe you could also share tips on how to make and upload videos to a blog (for a future blog post, maybe). I would have liked to have read more about why you think these 7 tips work and some examples to back it up.

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