#Hashtag for Change Podcast


This post has been edited from it’s original debut. Several sites offer hosting of audio files but most are not free and if they are it’s for a short period of time. Though it’s technically a YouTube “video” it wasn’t intended to be. It took a lot of research and digging to figure out the free way (but certainly not the easiest way) to publish audio content for free. Though the background is black please judge it as an audio podcast and not as a video. Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “#Hashtag for Change Podcast

  1. Bryanna, nice work on your podcast! Your flow was really nice to listen to and easy to follow.

    I completely agree on the overusage of hashtags. I have seen some of my friends post just one instagram picture and follow it up with 20-30 (I kid you not) hashtags, ranging from #summer to #dontyouwishyouwereatthebeachwithme. People have lost sight of the fact that hashtags were originally “created” as a way to tag information to categorize it for easy searching, and now use it as a way to show off. I think the use of very unique hashtags is definitely the way to go, although sometimes even THAT can be misleading, e.g. Dominos not looking into #whyIstayed (http://mashable.com/2014/09/09/digiorno-pizza-whyistayed-hashtag/)

    Anyway, great post, and I really hope #checkyourbutt catches on :]

  2. This is certainly a new way to post a blog. I like that you experimented with doing a podcast type of blog. If you decide to use this type of media again in a blog post I think it would be effective to have your podcast and then also list some key points and takeaways for the reader to see visually. Be cautious that by only providing an audio you are less likely to reach a diverse group of learners that do not prefer to absorb information through audio learning.

    I really liked your point that in order to use social media effectively you have to find what is unique and what is your voice. You had a strong call for action to have people leave comments about creative hashtags that could work or currently are working for an organization or a cause.

    If anyone out there has any hashtags they currently use that are effectively or would like to use but haven’t yet, I would love to hear them here as well!

  3. Hey Bryanna,

    Very innovative way to present a post! I have to confess that I am not used to it and somehow not so in favor of podcasts. As Darcy points out, I would like to see some take home messages at the end of your post. I do agree with you on # use, which is many times overwhelming and annoying:People think that by placing # all over the post it will make it more popular, however, the only thing that they succeed to do is to be categorized as spammers! Thanks for this great post!

  4. Hello Bryanna – congratulations on your great audio podcast! I would totally embrace listening an audio podcast about health matters. In fact, I think there should be more podcasts from reputable health organizations. This is a great way to capture large audience like me – lengthy daily commuters, people enjoying listening news while doing other tasks, people experiencing computer vision syndrome and eye fatigue.
    Enjoyed your clear message and personal insights about week’s tip points.

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