Top 5 Components of Top Health Blogs


There are endless lists  found online: Top 100 movies, Top 10 pizza places, Top 5 adventure getaways. It should be no surprise that there are many lists of the top health and fitness blog sites. I looked through The 60 Must-Read Health, Fitness, and Happiness Blogs for 2015 to determine what features land these blogs on a top list that could be used to create a successful new health blog. Here is the list:

Top 5 Components of Top Health Blogs

1.) There is both a personal and professional angle to the topic

High traffic health blogs seem to take on an issue with both personal stories and professional advice.  This combination provides informative content that is also relatable through story-telling. The nutrition blog provides a good example of this balanced perspective.  The author is a certified nutritionist and a feature story is about how a cookbook writer lost weight with the suggested diet.

2.) Though there is a focus, the site covers multiple health issues

When you think of one aspect of health, naturally other questions about different topics arise.  The top blogs do not require the reader to search elsewhere for common topics, but include them, even if peripherally, on the site.The site is the site of a registered dietician, but includes topics about exercise, weddings, and even blogging tips.

3.) There is an inspirational message

Making health changes can be difficult, so along with advice on a healthier lifestyle, top blogs include motivation as well as information. Fit bottomed girls is a diet and exercise site that includes motivational stories and participatory challenges to keep readers inspired and engaged.

4.) A Virtual Community is Created

A technique for providing motivation is to create a virtual community for on-going support to reach health goals. Run to the Finish provides social media links for connecting with other members, which creates a sense of belonging to something bigger and provides a level of accountability.

5.) There is a method to monitor health goals

Monitoring personal progression towards a health goal helps maintain motivation and enable future goal setting.  Making this a structured system provides a reason to go to the blog regularly.  Several sites charge for enrolling in programs, but others include food diaries and places to log calories.  Overall, this feature was not maximized on most sites.

These design features can apply to a variety of health topics or medical conditions to create a more engaging blog.


One thought on “Top 5 Components of Top Health Blogs

  1. Great links and resources to connect your reader to other blogs that caught your attention. Your blog was quite informative! Adding more visuals and summarizing the poinst at the end of your blog may make your blog post even more effective. Great job on your first blog!

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