RANKED: 5 Best Cameras for Pro-like Web Movies

Looking to make a professional looking video for school or work while incurring minimum costs? Nowadays, there is little sense in investing in thousands of dollars worth of audio/visual equipment. What used to be a “gimmick” feature on smart phones has now advanced to a technological level that blurs the lines between professional and amateur videography. Here are some of the top choices for producing high-quality video without breaking your piggybank:


5. iPad Mini 3

Sample of a video shot with iPad:

Pros: big screen, instant, easy movie editing on iMovie

cons: bulky handling, need 2 hands, can’t fit in your pocket

Buy: Apple for $399

4. Go Pro HERO

Sample of a video shot with Go Pro Hero:

Pros: provides a 1st person viewpoint, hands-free, waterproof, good for rugged conditions

Cons: no zoom capabilities, poor audio due to waterproof case

Buy: Amazon for $129.99


3. Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Example of a video shot with Blackmagic:

Pros: Arguably the best image for the price, incredible HD video quality

Cons: Price- although not nearly as expensive as a professional video camera, it is still much more expensive than others on this list.

Buy: BH Photo Video for $995


2. Samsung Galaxy S6

Sample video shot with Galaxy S6:

Pros: decent battery life, portable, direct uploads to the internet from anywhere

Cons: video editing software isn’t as seamless as between iPhone and other Mac interfaces, difficult to edit video on phone itself

Buy: Best Buy for $199 with 2 year contract

1. iPhone 6

Sample of video shot with the iPhone 6:

Pros: outstanding camera (even better than the larger iPad), pocket sized, seamless uploads to any app and anywhere on the internet,

Cons: shaky handling, low battery life, difficult to edit video on phone itself

Buy: Apple Store for $199-299 with 2 year contract


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