How To Become a Health Bloggers in 7 Easy Steps



I don’t know about the rest of you, but I personally try to avoid anything related to social media when it comes to utilizing it for work and in the field of public health. I have always imagined that is complicated, time consuming, and unnecessary! Yet, after this week reviewing all the required and recommended readings, I realized that blogging is an ideal tool to incorporate to better reach our audiences. So the question remains: how a person like me whom by all means likes to avoid writing and get straight to talking can become a blogger? Here are my 7 easy steps to blog.

1) Get Pass the Fear

Much easier set and done! So think of a blog as a short entry in a diary, an email to a friend or colleague, a post note or comment to the picture on Instagram, a post on Facebook, and etc. Bottom line, you don’t need to be an expert writer to create a blog, you just have to want to share a message.

2) Pick a topic

It can be anything you decide. Pick something you have knowledge about, interests you or you simply want to write a bout; can be a commentary, a story, an interview or a reflection. Or bring up a controversial topic that you would like to learn more about and get others opinion. Remember that if a topic interests you, there are definitely many others who share the same interests.

3) Chose a Blogging Platform

There are great platform already available on line such as worldpress, blog builders and many more. You need to spend some time to find the platforms that works best for you or your program. Remember that there are no right or wrong platforms but more of a preference. It is helpful to get some feedback from other bloggers to find out which ones are more user friendly especially as you getting more comfortable with blogging.

4) Give it a Title

Choose your title wisely. Choose it so is creative and catchy. Your title not only helps you attract more readers, but also helps to be identified when people search a topic.

5) Accessorize it

Spend time to make it look nice. Nobody wants to look at a messy and unorganized blog. Your blog doesn’t need to be long, frankly people prefer shorter and to the point blogs. Make sure to ALWAYS include a picture and/or video. Nothing captures reader’s attention more than visuals. Make a post so that it snaps, pops, and engages.

6) Get feedback on it

Before posting it online, have a few people look it over and comment on it. This way you can edit the content if needed. Also, it is important to get approval from the department or your manager if you are sharing information about the organization.

7) Monitor it

After it has been posted, allow for others to comment on it. However, you want to review it for any inappropriate comments, and block those. It is important to engage with the readers once the blog has been posted.







3 thoughts on “How To Become a Health Bloggers in 7 Easy Steps

  1. The fear of the unknown is an energy drain. I too found myself overwhelmed and worried about using social media, especially blogging. I wasn’t sure how or what I could blog about. Your 7 easy steps really lays it out well, and to be honest, makes it all seem more manageable, especially for someone like me to tends to avoid media (to some degree). The fear is really the hardest, stepping out into this new territory is outside of my comfort zone, but again, you have so clearly laid out key steps that are informative and easy to do.

  2. I like your first step of getting past the fear. Especially today, it’s quite easy to be self-conscious about anything you say because it can be judges so easily and quickly. Shaking off the judgement and feeling free to be yourself online is a huge first step. Great post!

  3. I really couldn’t agree more with all that you have said! The step technique is very effective in drawing the reader’s attention and engages the reader for the full post. The conversational tone and helpfulness is an example of communities in practice that Shirky talks about in the readings from this week. I’m curious to know if the title of How to be a Health Blogger in 7 Steps was intended to attract a specific audience, as the actual content of the post seems to be applicable to any blog post. My last suggestion is to do a quick spell check before posting to minimize distraction to readers. For me, it was helpful to draft my work in Word which seems to pick up most of my spelling mistakes. This may be an option if you don’t have the ability to work online all the time (it also works well for drafting important e-mails). Thanks for this helpful post!

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