So you want to start a blog

The Internet and social media have provided platforms for anyone wanting to voice their opinion. Blog authors’ ranges from the highly academic, such as Harvard’s health blog, to your average Joe posting what he/she feels are the most effective fitness tips. Nearly every topic imaginable has a blog linked to it where someone is offering his or her insight. Even more shocking is that even blogs seem to have blogs. One fitness blog ranked all the blogs on fitness that particular author found to be the most useful. An abundance of information coupled with the availability of this information is what makes it so popular among readers.

A person freely posting their thoughts doesn’t just stop at blogs. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms are avenues where opinions are expressed and easily viewed.

There are some important things to consider as an amateur blogger that can lead to the success of your blog.


  1. What is your purpose as a blogger? A mistake often made by new bloggers is they never clearly define their purpose for blogging. Nothing could inhibit your newly created blog more than a lack of direction. So take the time to reflect on why you’re blogging in the first place. This self-revelation will enrich your blog much to the delight of your readers.
  2. With this newfound purpose it’s now time to start blogging. How will your blog look? Layout and structure are critical to blogging process. Understanding the preferences of your readers can greatly increase your blogs effectiveness. Engaging your audience in a story is an effective manner to relay information. This story can be a personal experience. Another technique to consider is to create a list, utilizing numbering.
  3. While your audience is at your blog to explore your thoughts, don’t underestimate the impact images can have on your blog. We are currently living in a visual age. Apps such as Instagram and Snapchat are widely used. It seems you can’t go anywhere without witnessing someone taking either a selfie or some other picture. If you need further convincing, stated articles with images are 94% more likely to be viewed. If the images you use in your blog are not your own, you need to be aware if they are copyrighted.
  1. We live in a technological world. A majority of web traffic occurs on either smartphones or tablets. Ensure that your blog is easily navigated on such devices. Failure to do so may result in a decrease in viewing.
  2. What distinguishes successful companies such as Apple, Nike or Sony from their counterparts? The answer is their brand. These companies are associated with great products because they have consistently provided an excellent product that the public desires. Your blog should be no different. Consistent posts with substance that meet the needs of your readers will enhance the brand of your blog and will increase the amount of views it receives. Incorporating the above suggestions will only enhance your blogs effectiveness and brand.
  3. Lastly have fun with it. These are your thoughts being shared with the world. And they are all just a keyboard away!




2 thoughts on “So you want to start a blog

  1. Great opening header to generate interest to visit this blog! Helpful advises to a novice blogger: “branding” blog type and selecting its mission; how to retain readers and make it user-friendly. It provides a very good reference point to start your first blog thought process. As you have mentioned, abundance of internet information can be overwhelming and blogs with information digest or succinct analysis of a particular topics, like fitness programs, can become very successful and popular.

  2. I love the tips you have provided in this post. The tips follow a nice progression and is encouraging and supportive. You had a short list of helpful tips, and great use of tags. I wondered if you had considered reflecting those in the title of the blog, it may more clearly define the post to your audience. I had a little bit of trouble reading through the list and looking for high impact words that represented actions that I should take in starting a blog. Perhaps it would be helpful to bold-face those words for the audience. Other than that, I think you mentioned some great companies and resources to check out, might be nice to hyperlink to those too, especially if there is a blog from those companies that can serve as useful examples. Thank you for this helpful post!

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