Blogs Need Friends Too


This is a legitimate concern. Blogging could be good for the soul when it comes to privately releasing your dark inner thoughts and feelings but isn’t it much more fun and meaningful when you have real readers who aren’t you and your friends who you bribed? It might be difficult to acquire one reader, let alone an audience, if your blog sucks a lot. But if you put in time to make it genuinely engaging and relatable to your targeted audience (or un-targeted, it doesn’t matter as long as someone reads it) then you can build something quite useful and influential in a world full of blogs.

Here are some not bad tips on not having a sucky blog:

1. PLACE IMAGES cause too much text = boring (No one reads anymore. Even NPR thinks so and they’re smart).

1.5. BUT don’t use cheesy clipart because look at how bad this looks:

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 9.16.32 PM (what does this even mean?!!)

2. Don’t be too formal. Even if it is an assignment for an MPH class.

3. But make sure you don’t sound dumb by not proofreading stupid grammar mistakes and typos because readers WILL COMMENT ON IT and that will be the only THING THEY FOCUS ON.y u no

4. Follow in Disney’s footsteps and use the magic of storytelling. Hey, they might even create a movie based on your blog.

5. Good balance of emotions. Have a well-blended mix of sadness, humor, seriousness and happiness so that your blog won’t be so “emo.” (Unless you’re targeting the emos which might not be a bad thing since they spend a lot of time on the internet).



8 thoughts on “Blogs Need Friends Too

  1. Two quick comments: Great point on the use of pictures. As you mentioned, ensuring that they both are meaningfully placed and add something to the conversation is important. In other words, clip art can be great if it say’s something or augments a blog where words otherwise could not.
    Secondly, I love that you mentioned people don’t read – they really don’t. I didn’t realize NPR has formally recognized this as well but it’s so true. We have all become bullet point readers in our multitasking, overextended, and over-stimulated lives.

  2. Nice, short punchy comments with good use of graphics and images – just right for us non-reading masses!
    You bring up an interesting point about not getting readers. Blogging requires a certain social exposure and a bit like hosting a party, you’d really rather that someone turns up!

  3. This is great! I especially like the advice about typos. I am definitely a reader that as soon as I see a typo, I can’t read it anymore. Also, loved the cheesy clip art! We are so past cheesy clip art!

  4. Nice job Jessica! I love how you used a humorous undertone in your blog post. As others have commented above, I think the short snippets of information and images you shared with all of us are very useful for capturing the audience’s attention when time is of essence, I mean people lead busy lives so we have to find new ways to draw their attention and to also keep them engaged. I like how you included a link to NPR’s website. I am one of those people who doesn’t comment unless I read first, so as not to risk coming off as being ignorant. But I guess not everyone exercises this kind of precaution! Finally one last comment: I love the title you used! It caught my attention right away and I think it’s a question many of us may have thought or asked ourselves!

  5. I enjoyed your use of humor. This is a savvy way to attract lots of readers. In fact, I believe that the most popular blogs on the internet have a strong element of humor (for example: gawker, deadspin). I also appreciate that you weren’t too verbose with your text. It was smart, short, and to the point. Keep up the good work!

  6. Thanks, Jessica! As others have mentioned, your picture definitely caught my attention! I also liked that you used humor in your post. It made reading your post even more enjoyable. Great work!

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