Top Four Reasons Why we should keep our Teeth Straight


Ever been contemplating over whether you should visit your orthodontist? Do you think you need braces but need more reasons to get your teeth straigthtened? Here are the top four reasons why you should contact your orthodontist today.

1. Aesthetic Value

Straight teeth has always been primarily valued as an aesthetically pleasing feature. Straighter teeth will help upkeep appearances, but also has been known to boost confidence and self-esteem. Would you be more confident to smile if you had teeth from the above picture or one below?


2. Straight Teeth Equals Healthier Teeth

Although many people only see the beauty benefits of straight teeth, straight teeth is also known to be healthier. Straight teeth are easier to maintain and clean, therefore less prone to cavities and less susceptible to gum disease as less plaque accummulates. Compare this to crooked teeth where food is easily stuck between the teeth and are very hard to clean, causing cavities and other teeth-related diseases.

3. People with Straight Teeth Live Longer

A 2009 Study published by the American Journal of Cardiology found that people with gum disease were 30% more susceptible to contracting coronary heart disease. Straight teeth are prone to having healthier gums, and thus less susceptible to having gum disease. Thus, straight teeth also is linked to longetivity.

4. Straight Teeth Prevents Potential Injuries

Getting straight teeth may prevent potential injuries and prevent the development of more serious injuries.  Protruding (buck) teeth are easily broken from any kinds of trauma such as a fall, sports injury, car accidents and a fight. By straightening the teeth and setting the protruding teeth back inside the mouth, potential injuries of the front teeth can be prevented.


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One thought on “Top Four Reasons Why we should keep our Teeth Straight

  1. I just started using invisalign, and I was looking into it and learned that the reason more and more people have crooked teeth is because throughout history, our jaws have shrunk because we no longer use them to chew on hard stones and twigs. However, our teeth have stayed the same size, so they don’t fit properly into our jaws anymore. I think you can add that straight teeth also means straighter jaws, which is good for your teeth, your gums, and your mouth in general!

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