TOP 5 TIPS for Getting Started with Digital Innovation and Social Media


5. Not Every Picture on the Web is Yours for the Takinggreedy-hand-1091060-m
Oh snap! Guess what? You have to make sure that the image you found on the web is free to use for your purposes BEFORE you use it! Just because you can right click “save as” does not mean you have permission to use the photo. After reviewing this informative article giving example of sites with free, usable images, I tried out the different sites. To me, by far the best way to obtain an expansive selection of these “good to go” images is by using Google’s “Advanced Image Search” option and filtering for images that are available for non-commercial re-use

4. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility cheap-batman-toy-245895-s
In Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody , the opening story about the power of social media to recover a stolen phone highlights the potential of social media to work for good and for evil. While the breadth of reach of social media in very short periods of time can be awe-inspiring, supportive, and beneficial; social media also has potential to perpetuate and accentuate societal power differentials; quickly demean and devalue individuals; and for those who become “addicted” to social media sites, replace authentic relationships. Modern users of social media must do so with recognition of both the positive and negative power of the instrument. Our society is in its infancy when it comes to regulating the moral and ethical implications of the use of social media – hopefully we can begin this process and generations to come will take on this critical task.

Morten Rand-Hendriksen

Morten Rand-Hendriksen

3. Morten is Your Friend…but best in small doses
Understanding the basics of website design using WordPress opens up a whole world of social media empowerment. The wordpress tutorial on by Morten Rand-Hendriksen is an excellent introduction with detailed information about creating professional-style blog posts… BUT, for maximal learning and minimal falling asleep, I recommend small doses of the tutorials interspersed with trying it out rather than watching the tutorials all at once.

2. Blogs are Powerful Toolsblog
As described in Heather Mansfield’s Social Media for Social Good, blogs can be powerful social media tools that allow for a current and up-to-date compilation of items of interest to your “blog cause.” The content from a blog can be easily set up to be shared on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook – thus widening the reach. Additionally, blogs can give you important information about how people are using your site and what interests them most; and they can also increase your “searchability” on major search engines.


Here I am with my husband and kids. If this image is the most interesting one to you in this blog post, then I’ve made my point about getting personal.

1. Make It Data Driven or Personal – your opinion alone does not interest me!
When evaluating health blogs, I found that blogs with strong data driven messages felt worthwhile (i.e. I also really enjoyed blogs with strong personal stories about health challenges and/or successes (i.e. I did NOT enjoy blogs in which the primary written information seems solely based on the author’s opinions without valid data to back it up.


10 thoughts on “TOP 5 TIPS for Getting Started with Digital Innovation and Social Media

  1. Great summary of what we learned and how to apply it. Your links to resources are well placed. I like how your blog is informative with a personal touch. I would revisit to in the future to get more quick tips and learn more about you 🙂

  2. Nice post. You definitely hands down had the best image 🙂
    This was a useful summary of our material and great observation about our friend Morten. Thanks for posting.

  3. The power of this post is evident in the number of people who have commented on it. It also really reinforces that succinct, witty, and informative blog posts will capture the most attention and convey the information to your readers in the best way.

  4. Great post, Liana and, yes, the photo of your family is definitely the most appealing, but Batman runs it a close second! 🙂 Like some of the others who’ve commented, I read your post a few days ago and used it to help me remember not only what we’d learnt, but where to find resources. It’s really helpful and very engagingly written.

  5. So impressed by your post! Being a newbie to blogging, I found myself searching more for blog posts that had your type of header. When reading through your post I was not only engaged and interested, but was learning new information with each paragraph. You did a great job integrating class material with information that you learned from looking through blogs. I also appreciate how you get right to the point! Not to mention you add a personal touch to the post as well. Great work. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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