5 Tips to Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

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There are thousands of health and social justice organizations worldwide. An organization may have the best intentions but if its message doesn’t get out then it’s useless. Yesterday there was a story on npr about a father who shot and killed his eight year old son before turning the gun on himself. The man was unable to purchase the shotgun himself because of his unsavory background (he was a convicted felon), but convinced his grandmother to purchase it for him instead. Unfortunately stories like this happen all too often. Gun control activists rise up but they are fragmented and no match for powerful gun rights advocates. Gun control activists are not the only ones with substantial barriers to overcome. Individuals and organizations are advocating for all sorts of change: reducing obesity, developing walkable communities, promoting childhood vaccinations. The list goes on. For each cause different groups must unite to achieve a common goal. Regardless of your reason for collective action, information, ideas, and innovation must be widely disseminated to effectively coordinate social change. There are five things you can do to ensure your blog post goes viral.

  1. Create an irresistible headline. There are so many blogs, opinions, and information floating around. An irresistible headline will draw readers in. Content is key; your post content must live up to the attention-grabbing title.
  2. Tell a story with mass appeal to which your target audience can relate. Reach peoples emotional side. If readers emotionally connect or react to your content, then they are more likely to share it. Make your post interesting. Stories do not necessarily need to seek agreement or a ‘like.’ They can be controversial, trigger a strong positive or negative emotional response, or spark curiosity.
  3. Add compelling pictures. Equally important to snappy headlines are compelling pictures. With so much information available pictures really are worth a thousand words. You must stand out to your audience as they sift through piles of information on the web. Great pictures entice people to click through to your blog and can increase your audience base.
  4. Make it easy to share. So you drew in your readers, they loved, disagreed with, were intrigued by, or shocked by your post, and now they want to share it. People are busy. They don’t have time to search around your page trying to figure out how to share your awesome post. Their urge to share will diminish exponentially with each second spent on navigating your page. Place your share buttons directly after the post so when people finish reading they can immediately share.
  5. Be consistent. Remember content is key. I already said it but it’s worth repeating. If you develop a reputation for writing a well-written, credible, and consistently interesting blog, then readers will return, share your content, and increase your fan base. Although this last tip may not be as critical as the first four to make your post go viral, it is a long term strategy for forward thinkers. And that’s what you are, right? Change won’t happen overnight. So plant those seeds early to strengthen your chances for success in the future.

5 thoughts on “5 Tips to Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

  1. Hello Jillian, I liked your post and also recently researched popularity of blogs. I agree that a sort of “tipping point” can happen when blog/news gets into eyes of professionals with significant social media presence and influence, like npr, or becomes appealing to celebrities to share or participate, as a few of other bloggers had mentioned. Thanks for you post!

  2. Hi Jillian, I really liked your post because it was simple and to the point. You really drew me in with the story of gun violence – is there a way sane people can rally using social media to end the frightening epidemic of gun violence in our country? Your tips were crisp and useful. Very nice job!

  3. Hi, Jill. We had the same thought and I wrote a very similar list. I feel vindicated and like I’ve got the key messages from our readings. We can’t both be wrong! Anyway, your post is very well written, easy to follow and interesting. Thank you.

  4. Nice post Jill. The image was eye catching but also relevant to the content. I liked how you tied in the public health example at the beginning and the bullets points nicely summarized some of the content from the week. Great job.

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