Successful Nonprofit Websites: Top 10 To-Do List

1. Home Page: Create a clutter free home page that encourages exploration. The purpose of the organization should be immediately apparent through use of a good logo, photo or graphics but should be simple

2. Mission Statement: Make it visible on your homepage, centrally located, short and easy to understand. Write as clearly and concisely as possible.

3: Donations: Make donating EASY, on all pages. The process should be painless and require as few clicks/inputs as possible.

4. Email Sign up: Encourage it and make it easy to do. Entering their email address and clicking ‘submit’ or ‘sign up’ should be all they have to do.

5. Social Media: Include links and signups to all of your social media sites. Make your website social media friendly

6. Three Clicks or Less: Make sure everything you might want a visitor to do on your site is no more than three clicks away. Research indicates that you lose 40% of visitors with each click.

7. Media: Include a media coverage section to share all the ways others are talking about your organization

8. Images: Add real photos of you and those you have helped (or are trying to) to tell the story, or create a video presence with compelling videos.

9. Blog: Maintain an active, engaging, & informative blog

10. Testimonials: Include a testimonials page from people you’ve helped, people who have volunteered for the organizations, partners you have worked and anyone who can help tell your story and lend credibility to the work you are doing.


For more tips and information on designing an engaging nonprofit website, check out these resources:




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