Web Development 101

Web development for health is truly a complex endeavor. First, you need to think of your target audience. Next, you have to come up with a series of images, background, web hosting (I recommend wix), colors, and blogs.

Beautiful woman in circle

Once you have the ingredients for your website, the hard part is molding the pieces together to make a coherent message that gets your point across in a way that captures their attention. I chose to go with wix. Of the five hosting sites, wix had what I thought was the simplest site to navigate.

Normal people exercising

Ease of use with Wix

Although wix appeared to be easy to work with, getting it to accept my video that was produced during week 4 was CHALLENGING! At one point I wanted to pound the table, but then I realized that would not solve anything and might damage my laptop.


After calming down I then realized all I needed to do was to delete the video and I was done. Case closed, problem solved.

mercedes with man

In terms of capturing people’s attention, I tried to use a mix of different types of pictures of what normal people look like. You will notice that I used plus size people, fit people, and people on their way to becoming fit.

Lifestyle changes

Most important to me was the background. I used a background that was warm and inviting. For the most part I tried to use earth tones to give a feeling of warmth and healthy invitation.


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