The Last Post of the brand new Blogger

Websites can bring out a number of emotions, some like fire, some less readily apparent.

A well designed website should bring out no clear emotion due to the use of the website itself. No frustration, no banging your head against the table. But no awe is required either.

I have been a loyal Yahoo user since 1997. It has always remained my starting page, but I would argue that it is not a very well designed website. Yahoo! took the opposite approach to Google and packs in as much information as they can. As a result, over the years I have learned to completely disregard entire sections of the website splash page. I look for specific information on the splash page and I don’t even see all the other clutter anymore. But I don’t classify that as a well designed website.

I believe that a well designed website is effortless to use, you are in and moving around without even realizing that you are looking for something. There is never a pause to ask, “where would I find….?”.

I find that my own personal experience with health websites have been on the frustrating side of the spectrum. Health organizations, including my own do not have the brand awareness, marketing engine, and technical wizardry that Disney, or Apple might have. Sure, I’m probably over generalizing and upsetting someone with that statement.

scared 2

I find that healthcare websites that I visit are too cluttered, not well tabbed or described. I find the search function is not usually invested much time or effort.  A good website that holds interest should continuously provide easy to find information, allow easily searchable content. Someone much more skilled than me can do this for a health website!


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