The Importance of Words

Contrary to what I’ve done in past weeks, and contrary to what many of my classmates have done, this post will be mostly text.  Read on to find out why.

It is true, having graphics, videos, displays, charts, etc are very important in drawing a reader or user in.  Especially in web development, having large graphic displays makes the website, and in doing so the content, of the website that much more interesting.  Think about it.  Think about your favorite website.  Think about the websites you use everyday.  Can I take a guess?  I’m going to assume facebook, google, or other news site were some of the things that crossed your mind.  Now think further.  What do these websites have a lot in common.  Chances are, they’ll have colors, graphics, videos, etc.  Facebook newsfeeds are constantly updated with status posts, videos, pictures, memes and things your friends liked.  Google has always used a specture of colors in their logo.  In the last several years, they also started using a google doodle that portrays a cool fact.  News sites are covered with huge words, pictures, and videos.  All of this is great!  It draws readers in.

What I learned from past several weeks, is that we cannot forgot the importance of the content.  This is particularly important in health based sites dedicated to educating the public.  The content is the essence of the website.  What the words are saying are important and they are what the readers will dive into.  The words are what the reader will take away from if they learn anything.  Even in videos, the speaker is saying productive things and words that the viewer can take away from.

I’m not saying that we should abandon visual graphics.  Quite the contrary.  What I am merely saying is that we should not forget the importance of the words and content on websites or anything else.  We can use the graphics and bold titles to draw the viewer in, but we cannot forget the importance of the content.

With that, I will end my post with a video with good content/words that I found during the week.  The speaker of this video uses clear, concise words to describe the content.


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