Wix: A Starter Health Site Above All Others


Sure you have choices, we all do. Squarespace, googlepages, wordpress, and so many others. For the novice health site builder, there are a number of strong website builders that are vying for your attention. At the end of the day, it is my opinion that Wix is where it is at. Here’s a little behind the scenes on what to expect with Wix, what others are saying about it, and how you can get up and running if you are interested.

What to expect with Wix:

  1. Tutorials: these short, easy to understand How To’s are just the ticket for someone who needs to know the basics, but really wants to learn by doing.
  2. Intuitive Layout: you don’t need to be a web designer to use Wix. If you’ve used Powerpoint or Word, you are going to be able to figure formatting in Wix out with ease.
  3. Fun: watching your web-design dreams take shape with minimal frustration is just plain fun.
  4. Attractive: while critics of Wix contend that the templates are bland, I found them visually appealing, easily adjustable, and (with literally hundreds of free options) there is likely something you’ll enjoy too.
  5. Professional: there are plenty of templates for the small and growing business.
    Diverse: you can create webforms, link it to ecommerce functionality, etc.

What others are saying about Wix:

Full disclosure, there are those who are skeptical of Wix. Weeding out any feedback that came from a rival UX designer trying to plug their services, you can get a yelp style review from real users at Trust Pilot to see how the man on the street feels about Wix.

Or, if you are trying to launch a new website for your clinic, small business, or even just a grad-student resume page, and want to know what the professionals are saying – take a look at Website Tool Tester for an up-to-date overview of what the pros and cons of many popular site builders, including Wix.

Here’s what they had to say about Wix in their general review:

Getting up and running:

I’ve already linked to the Wix support center up top, which really has quite a comprehensive process outlined, but I’d like to back up one step and provide my own how to with a nod to the fact that everyone needs something different from their business and professional site. Here it is:

  1. Outline what you needs from a website and how much you are willing to invest financially in that solution.
  2. Explore some of the expert review pages to see the pros and cons of the different types of website builders. For this, I’d recommend Website Builder Expert or Website Tool Tester.
  3. Then go out and explore the actual website builders yourself. Wix was great for my needs, but maybe you’ll find Weebly, Jimdo, or Squarespace are more your style.
  4. There is only so much researching can do until at some point you just have to jump in. So in this step you need to choose a site builder. Here are some things I’d consider when making your choice:
    Is it easy to update?
    • Is it mobile compatible (no is not an option here)?
    • Does this service maximize Search Engine Optimization?
    • How much does it cost?
    • How much freedom to you have in domain names?
    • How much design legwork will you need to be able to do?
    • How much support do they offer in getting started?
  5. Finally, hop onto the “getting started” guide or whatever your chosen service is calling it. They’ll make it look oh so easy and build your confidence to make your website take flight!

After that it is up to you to find the photos, build the content, and have fun designing a killer website for you and your patients, clients, or beneficiaries.

Happy designing all!

Featured image by Aleks Dorohovich, via Unsplash


2 thoughts on “Wix: A Starter Health Site Above All Others

  1. Awesome post! This would have been a big helped if I watched this before making my website. I ended up abandoning wix because it had a hard time loading on my computer and resorted to weebly

  2. Thanks! That post was very helpful. I ended up using WordPress because I thought it would be easier to integrate our blog into to. But I think the next site I build I will try Wix. And thank you so much for the link to the Tool Tester – great resource.

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