Basic Tips for wedsite design and development

I was really scared at the start of the week . This is because I have always thought that website design involves advanced programming . I had the opportunity of learning programming and its not easy. I have read multiple documents on website design, and there is a lot of literature about website design out there. I will summarize a few basic tips I came across:


Web fonts make a website look distinct, less bootstrappy and modern, so its very important to start by choosing the right font for your website .There are sweet fonts from Google web fonts which are  free and easy to use. A good example is Corben (for headings) and Nobile( body). Other fonts services are Fontdeck and typekit, They have a extensive selection of fonts.



Textures make a website look classy instantly. Texture is important in website design and should match the theme of the website. There are several examples of textures which can be used (subtle patterns) in web design. One of the useful source of information I came across was Smashing Magazine’s guidelines on texture. Word of caution- don’t over do it , it may obscure your text.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 7.10.17 PM


The use of icon fonts was recommended by different authors.Icon fonts don’t just cut down on http request , but they are a lot quicker to set up than image based icons.


Colors should be carefully chosen to harmonize and match the brand profiles. The theme of the website should match the color choice.  Color Scheme Designer can be used to find contrasting , but complementary colors. one can borrow an attractive color scheme from colorlovers. Colorlovers is a community where people create and share ready-made color palettes. The most important thing is to find a palette with an open license to use.

One of the book I came across on website design was Design for Hackers: Reverse-Engineering Beauty by David Kadavy and this was one of the introductory quote ” No group stands to gain more from design literacy than hackers do— the one subject that is exceedingly frustrating for hackers to try to learn is design. Hackers know that in order to compete against corporate behemoths with just a few lines of code, they need to have good , clear design , but the resources with which to learn design are simply hard to find”


 Websites should be user friendly, interactive, attractive and informative.


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