Wix on Wix Off: Tips on Using Wix.com to Create Your Public Health Website


Let’s face it. The world is changing and changing FAST. To get with the times you either need some kind of quirky hashtag, trendy emoji (basically a small digital icon), or an awesome .com (in other words website). Since hashtagas and emoji’s have gone viral through the influence of screaming prepubescent teenagers, I’m going to introduce you into the world of the DOT COM….. [Insert Suspenseful Music].

With the plethora of options out there for website creation, the question ultimately is:

Which is the best user friendly website platform that will enable you to create your own Public Health Website????

Let me get you to Wix on and Wix off. The joys of becoming a Karate Website Champion with the platform so aptly named: Wix.

What is the Web Platform Called Wix???

Wix is a “free, user-friendly, website building platform”. They help professionals and amateurs alike in creating professional looking websites that can be updated and edited easily. They boast that you need no technical skills and that the sites are a 100% search engine friendly (also known as best to pop up on a google or yahoo search). They also offer an additional range of services to taking your website to the next level by creating a domain and increasing bandwidth dependent on how many people visit your site.  These components are all a good recipe for success.

So… Is Wix a good platform and what do studies say about website interfaces?

Personally, I enjoyed using Wix to create my own personal website. It was very intuitive and allowed me a lot of freedom to use images I found for free on the web. It allowed me a wide range of colors to choice from and had a similar format to Microsoft word. I felt it was much easier to use than other sites like Weebly.com because of its “no” pressure environment that didn’t force you to purchase professional photos or add-on’s. These options are available but they just were not so much in your face like Weebly.com.

According to Pew Research: (http://www.pewinternet.org/fact-sheets/mobile-technology-fact-sheet/)

  • 90% of American adults have a cellphone
  • 58% of Americans have a smartphone (with internet capabilities)
  • 32% of Americans own an e-reader
  • 42% of Americans own a tablet computer
  • As of May 2013, 63% of adult cell owners use their phones to go online while 34% of cell internet users go online mostly from their phones or tablets

WHAT does this mean to you and how does this get you to Wix on Wix off? Well, considering that the population is moving towards a more technological world, you want a web platform that is user friendly and that is accessible through popular search engines. Considering that Wix is a 100% search engine friendly and has mobile components, it is the perfect tool for you to use to get your public health message spread. Recently, Wix has updated its flash based website builder with HTML which basically in layman’s terms means that you can create more fancy schmancy things using animations and effects. It’s also got a lot more website “space” to let you spread out without costing you a dime.

Wix can get you into niche areas that are no longer accessible through traditional media such as T.V. and radio and can enable the transmission of information to speed up by leaps and bounds. The best part of using Wix is that you can pick it up in an afternoon and is FUN!!!! Users give wix an overall score of 3.9/5 which I must say is one of the nerds of the website platforms.

Let’s explore some pro’s and con’s of using Wix:

1.) PRO: It allows you to customize- You can choose from their color palate and text editing options which is similar to some of the tools you already use through the Microsoft suite products or Paint Editors

2.) PRO: It allows you to upload your own images for FREE. Yes, that’s right. For FREE! You can use any type of image that you have rights to. This is beneficial because you are a.) not limited to the boring brick and mortar templates and b.) you don’t need to submit to the looming pressure of purchasing any of the professional photos other sites try to push on you.

3.) PRO: You can choose a variety of templates to market to your crowd. By using Wix, you don’t have to guess the skeleton’s of your website. They have many options for you to choose from that you can tweek to your own liking.

4.) CON: BLOGGING NOT SO GOOD. Wix does not have an RSS function. What this means is that is basically does not allow users to follow, share, or subscribe to your blog. This would put a screeching halt is passing your site around to all the cool kids.

5.) CON: NOT AD FREE UNLESS YOU PAY SOME BUCKS. Considering you want your site to be professional, you really have to ask if you want a bunch of Ad’s being marketed on your site. In order to be Ad Free, you have to upgrade your site which has a monthly fee attached. If you choose to keep the free options, you don’t have control over what Ad’s get marketed so chances are, you’ll be the lucky recipient to get that Fungal Foot Cream Ad ALL over your site. So you really have to ask your self, do you feel itchy err lucky???


6.) CON: It does not have a professional domain name or customizable email. Chances are you are going to want to interact with your users. You won’t have control over what your site is called within search engines as you use the “domain” of Wix. With this, you may be a knight in shining armor that’s portrayed to be:

SO Overall, I’d say Wix is pretty good for what it’s got. Sure it’s got some drawbacks but I think the benefits out weigh the risks. You’ll really have to think about whether Wix will be a good platform for your non-profit.

And with that, I bid you a Hi-Ya! to get you to Wix on Wix off my sisters and brothers!




4 thoughts on “Wix on Wix Off: Tips on Using Wix.com to Create Your Public Health Website

  1. I also didn’t know about the RSS feed for the blogs. I was able to create a blog in one of the templates but maybe it depends on which one you use and for what purpose? I agree on the ads part being con but these websites need to have some source of revenue stream in order to provide the free service of creating website so its a give and take model. LOL your title caught my attention! Great choice!

  2. If one cannot have a customized email service or follow the blog, I am wondering if wix can serve as a good public health website. Well explained pros and cons.

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