Secret of a good website – Engaging the visitor

In current climate of social media influence on our society, it is almost impossible for a professional or health care organization to survive without a good website.  As Mansfield mentioned in the book, “the foundation of successful on-line communication is static website and its tools”. The good news is, with the amount of resources that exist for creating a good website, one does not need to be a Website developer by profession to launch a website.

Staking a claim on the web is crucial part of establishing the trust with customers or consumers or patients or peers or other professionals or social networks.

  • Making the website user friendly and offering the knowledge of credible informationknow
  • Expert content with captivating graphic design

  • Making a first time visitor to become a loyal and repeat visitor. 



  • Not to be afraid of colors


  • Here are my favorites, It keeps me revisiting these sites





4 thoughts on “Secret of a good website – Engaging the visitor

  1. Narayana,
    I really like that you talked about the use of colors and captivating graphic design which is the first thing that attracts most of the visitors and get them hooked to stay for more exploration.

  2. Good post. I do think one has to be a little careful with the use of colors and graphic designs – as what is pleasing to one person’s eye may not be to another person. I’ve definitely seen some over-the-top graphics and sites — too much of a good thing?

  3. Hi Narayana! Great posts, I like how you broke down your reasons and gave specific examples. I agree with Catherine that too much color and graphic design will pull away from the purpose of the website and be overbearing for readers.

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