Thank God for Templates!!!


Sadly its our last blog… 😦 but what better way to end than with putting everything we have learned to use.  This week we are actually building our own websites.  My first thought….

The only reason why I wasn’t petrified was because of the fact that there are so many platforms that have templates now that its easy!  We no longer have to be computer wiz’s or know how to code in order to create a website.

We explored a few platforms this week and I decided to play with and see how easy it really is to a novice like me.

Step 1.) create an account and click start creating now

nonprofit site 0

Step 2.) Select your website category

nonprofit site 1

Step 3.) Select a template that catches your fancy 🙂

nonprofit site 2

Step 4.) Wait for your design template to load and start thinking about what you want to change and how you want your website to look

nonprofit site 3

Step 5.) Watch the brief intro on how to use the edit function in the template

nonprofit 4

Step 6.) Begin editing and customizing the template to your specific website design idea

nonprofit site 5

nonprofit site 6

It literally took me less than 5 minutes to get to this point of the process.  Imagine if we had to code and do all of this from scratch! It was so easy and straightforward even the most technically challenged person can do this.  The hard part is figuring out what content you want in there but a majority of the grunt work is done for you.  Let your imagination be free to decide what you want to put in for verbal content and images of your own or whats already available for use in wix.  That part is for you to decide when creating your website for a non-profit or company but again such a great platform for beginners.  You can change as much or as little as you want in the template or switch to a different template completely.  They have made it simple enough to go back and forth between designs and editing.  All I have to say is THANK GOD FOR TEMPLATES!  I think I will be coming up with a few websites by the time I am done playing around in Wix 🙂  I hope this helps you get started on building your own website and finally moving forward on ideas that you have been holding back on. 

Happy creating!


5 thoughts on “Thank God for Templates!!!

  1. I still remember almost 20 years ago when AOL was more popular and I wanted to make my own website on Geocities or Angelfire. Oh God. I think I was able to code a table via basic html, and change font sizes and background colors. I was so proud of myself then. I agree, thank God for templates! It’s easier to be creative when the mechanics of coding don’t get in the way.

  2. Sara,
    Thank you for walking us through the steps of developing a website on wix, now I feel more comfortable with developing a website with a predesigned template.

  3. Lol, I love your “I aint scared image”. Thats definitely how I feel now after exploring wix. I never thought that I’d ever create a website in my life and there I was spending hours on something I had no idea i’d like. Liked how you went through the steps of developing a website and assuring that anyone could do it. I think it definitely would help public health readers to develop a site of their own. Among all the sites, which did you prefer the most? You mightve addressed this so sorry in advance!

  4. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Out of all the websites its a draw between square space and wix. They both have templates and its simply a matter of what design style you like and what you would want to use it for (target audience dependent). I love being able to be creative with this and they just made it so much easier for us to do that with templates.

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