5 things to make a web site successful



I have explored a number of web sites for this week’s assignments. This has been an interesting week. I have learned a lot from all the readings and explorations. I have always enjoyed web surfing but I had never even thought about how the web sites are developed.

There are a bunch of health web sites. All of them are very attractive with interesting health related stuff. Top 5 things common to most of the health web sites that in my opinion play an important role in making them popular are:

1)A great and simple domain name:Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 12.24.20 AM

Domain name is the firs thing that attracts the viewers. If a domain has an interesting name, which is easy to spell and not too complicated, it is more likely to attract viewers. eg www.webmd.com , www.nih.org. These are very simple domain names but at the same time they sound very professional and reliable, at least to me!!!

2) Great lay out:

A web site attracts more viewers and followers if it has a great design and lay out. It has to be attractive looking with a good color scheme and interesting pictures and videos. It should have a great content on front page with pertinent information. Eg, webmd.com has a wealth of information on home page. It has all the latest news and updates right there. Color scheme is attractive with an easy to read font. This thing Is common to almost all the web sites that I explored.

3) Easy to navigate web design:

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 11.45.02 PMA web site is more user friendly if it is easy to navigate. To me the web site webmd.com seemed very easy to navigate. It has tons of information on the main page with all the topics listed on the left side of the page, from where it is very easy to click and explore. This feature plays a great role in the popularity of a web site. More user friendly a web site, more viewers are likely to visit it and follow.

4) Regular updates:

A web site goes stale if it is static. A successful web site is a dynamic place where regular updates are posted periodically. If there is no fresh and new material for the readers, they will stop visiting that web site or unsubscribe quickly!

5) Consistent theme:

All the web sites that I explored had a consistent theme. It is very important to have consistency in everything in a web site. Same banner at the top of every page with the same font and color scheme makes it look more professional. Paragraphs should be consistently limited to a few lines per paragraph with he same font style and size. Every page should have a consistent lay out s that it is easy for the viewers to navigate through pages!



3 thoughts on “5 things to make a web site successful

  1. Your last tip is so important, the theme should consistent and used throughout the website. My OCD hates inconsistency in color or font…uniformity helps the website look professional and pulled together.

  2. Fauzia,
    Great post, I will keep these points in minds when developing my website for this week’s assignment. I agree with Kirstie that consistency is important, it certainly keeps the readers engaged by keeping the things organized neatly.

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